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Six Month Review of the Louis Vuitton Neverful MM in Damier Ebene

This is a review on a Luxury Handbag. If you are here to write something derogatory please refrain from doing so. No one has asked you to view this review, please exit. Although, constrictive criticism is appreciated.

This bag is so close to my heart. My parents gifted it to me on my 21st Birthday. Exactly 6 months ago. Today is 11/12/13. I hope you enjoy viewing and reading!

Here’s the Louis Vuitton Neverfull In Damier Ebene, size MM(Medium).

What came with the bag:

  1. It came in this HUGE dark brown box.
  2. The bag was wrapped in the cream yellow dust bag
  3. You get a brown envelope to put your receipt in.

Why I choose this bag:

  1. It’s a versatile bag. You can wear it two styles. I think the cinched in side style is formal, and without it cinched in, looks casual.
  2. It has a lot of space. But just enough, It’s not a big hole. You can fit in a lot of stuff, and find it too. It’s not a travel bag though. You can’t fit a pillow and everythign else. But it’s a good shopping, work, school bag.
  3. I know a lot of people go for the Monogram. Because of the weather that I live in, it gets humid and rains a lot, I went for the Damier Ebene. The Damier Ebene does not use vachetta leather. Vachetta leather is un-treated leater, and a drop of water can stain it. Damier Ebene print, uses treated leather, so you don’t have to worry as much.
  4. Low maintenance bag. You can’t tell if it gets dirty, you don’t have to worry about the clothes you wear, if the color rubs off etc. Once, makeup that I tried on at a store, rubbed off on my bag. I used a damp cloth to remove it. It was simple.
  5. I love the D-ring, it helps me store my glasses, and I can find it real quick.
  6. the zippered pocket. Its big. It fits a lot of my little items.
  7. Not very heavy. You can switch it up, use it as a shoulder bag or you can just carry it in your hands.
  8. Overtime, the canvas softens, and you can hug it, its not very stiff.
  9. It’s not as expensive as the other bags. It’s not the cheapest, but not very very expensive.

Why I don’t like the bag:

  1. Red colored inside. I absolutely HATE the color red. I wished it was beige.
  2. Iv’e heard of handles cracking, because the leather used for the handles is treated leather and not vachetta. I’m hoping mine dosent crack,
  3. It doesn’t have a zipper at the top. So, if the ride is bumpy or you accidentally drop your bag, everything falls out.
  4. Only one zippered pocket. I wish it had 3. Would have helped organize it better. I know, the LV Artsy does have it, but it was way too expensive.

About the bag in general:
Do view their official web site for dimensions etc. Will add more points that I think I should mention.

  1. Louis Vuitton handles come with a 2 year warranty. They generally give you a new bag, or they fix the handles, if its cracked
  2. Louis Vuitton uses brass with gold hardware.
  3. The stitching is perfect.  Symmetrical, everything.
  4. The handles are attached to the bag with a dark chocolate brown thread, and stitched using 5 stitches going upwards, and 5 going down.
  5. A mustard-ish thread is used to stitch the sides of the bag.

Wear and tear after 6 months:

  1. Nothing much as of now. I am extremely careful. But I don’t use it much in my Country. But, I did notice the slight bending of the leather. It is disappointing. Maybe, I’m fretting too much.
  2. The handles don’t have major wrinkles, but slightly, they are coming up.
  3. The lining of the bag has a few wrinkles. Again, nothing major. This is the reason why I don’t cinch in the sides too much.

But for the most of it, its amazing.

Storing my bag:
Storing your LV is an important factor. Storing a speedy is different from storing a neverfull. A speedy is a structured bag, you can stuff it and store it in the dust bag. Whereas if you stuff your neverfull, it will take the shape of the stuffing.

I always put it in the dust bag given. I like to lay it flat. The handles lie flat.Since it is new, I don’t want the handles cracking of wrinkling. Yes, there is a crease at the bottom where it bends, but it fades away as you use it.

I also like keeping my bag out, mostly. I want it to “breathe” And I stuff it. I leave it on the sofa.

So, when I don’t want to store it, I stuff it and leave it outside. I have to look at it, just so I know it doesn’t set the wrong way.

Definitely a bag to invest in. I think all Louis Vuitton bags are a good investment, as they never go on sale and the prices keep increasing. The neverfull is not under priced or overly priced. It is a great luxury bag to invest in.

It’s my best friend, pet, boyfriend, girlfriend,  EVERYTHING.

Pictures of the bag:




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