Exploring Reno, USA


Hi My fabulous peeps

I’m going to talk about my business trip Reno in this post.

It was a loooong journey, I had to fly in 3 planes! Mumbai to Newark, Newark to San Fransisco and San Fransisco to Reno! I pretty much traveled the USA by a flight! It was very tiring but definitely worth it!

After 2 days of travel, I landed in Reno at the Silver Legacy Casino and Resort. Yes, you read that right, I was going to live in a hotel that had a casino!

Reno is a small city near San Fransisco. It was safe, the weather was perfect and the hotel was just awesome! I’m going to add in lots of photos rather than writing about the place so enjoy viewing!


The Hotel LobbyIMG_20160414_080454


The View from my room



Reno is beautiful! It is surrounded with Snow capped mountains everywhere! The weather was beautiful too!


I made 3 wishes and dropped in a dirham, a cent and a two rupee coin.



I would have never gone to a casino on my own, thanks to my company, I got to visit the famous one in Reno! It was an amazing experience. I also missed home and couldn’t wait to get back. It was time to say bye to Reno and head back to Mumbai.



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