Exploring Canadaigua, New York, USA and Santa Fe, Mexico – Week 1


Hi my fabulous peeps,

I was recently on a 2 week business trip and I’m going to tell you all about it!

The posts have been divided in 2. This one is about my first week in Canandaigua, USA and next post is about my experience in Santa Fe, Mexico

Initially, I was going to go to Dubai during this time, I needed a vacation after all the crazy hard work I did and especially because I haven’t been on a vacation since a year. But no, my office made me cancel my leave and told me they had more work for me. Being a workaholic person that I am and looking at the opportunity, it was something I couldn’t pass. I cancelled my leave and this was the best decision I took.

Every single day was filled with excitement and crazy fun.

I always wanted to go to New York, this was my dream come true. Landed in Rochester, New York at the Inn on the Lake. All my memories as a kid from when I lived in Canada came back to me. It felt like home. The smell, the greenery, the streets – everything.

the view was splendid from my window. I would wake up to birds chirping, ducks moving around the serene lake. I would wake up to a perfect morning every day. Here is what my view looks like!


When we arrived on Sunday, there was an Indian wedding going on. It was unique watching an Indian couple getting married in USA – they merged the christian and Indian customs. I loved it.


Every morning I would go on a 5 minute walk outside. The weather was beautiful.



My amazing client took us to a baseball game. I ate a hot dog with a tall lemonade drink – American Style. I got to learn about baseball  and enjoyed watching the game.


On Wednesday, my client surprised me and took us to dinner at a Japanese restaurant – Hibachi was the style of food. The guy making the food was hilarious! He was very entertaining. I drank a bit of saki, it tasted like medicine. He played with fire in front of us, scary but very entertaining. This has to be the best dinner I’ve had!


I had my first and probably my last bottle of beer at The Sand Bar (Named after Rob Sands, CEO of Constellation Brands)-  a Corona Light. I didn’t feel so good after drinking, I wouldn’t try it again. It didn’t taste bad, it tasted good, just the after effects is what I didn’t like.


13467303_10157044373920486_2038665598_o (1)

It was time to say good bye to Canadaigua, I shed tears while leaving, it felt like home. I felt like I was living in 2399 Norland Dr, Ontario Canada.

Although I didn’t want to leave, I was looking forward to Mexico.

My fight got delayed. Delta moved me and the project manager to Business class. This trip just kept getting better and better – well, we didn’t get our baggage on time, but I tweeted and got that solved (Twitter is so so helpful – Pulls shameless plug – Follow me on twitter @pritikairam)

More on Mexico in my next blog post!

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Priti Kairam

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