Exploring Canadaigua, New York, USA and Santa Fe, Mexico – Week 2



Como estas?

I was recently on a 2 week business trip and I’m going to talk about my second week! In case you’d like to read about my experiences of the 1 week, please read here. I was in Mexico for the second week of my business trip.

We reached our hotel – posh, luxurious, rich, modern – Definitely my type of hotel. The view was incredible. My room was incredible, it reminded me of Dubai.

My client and his sweet daughter took us to climb the Pyramids. I would never think of climbing a pyramid. Malls and restaurants with air conditioning are so much better right? Who wants to climb a pyramid, sweat, get a tan under the hot sun and then climb back down ? I was wrong. Adventure is fun. I took it as a challenge to climb the pyramids to the top in my high wedges. Yes, I has to wear wedges. I had no flats as they were stuck in my checked in baggage in Atlanta.


I had to climb that pyramid


It was tough, I had to concentrate on the narrow steps, I had to make sure I wouldn’t fall because I had meetings to attend the next day. It was definitely a nice workout. The feeling when I reached the top was phenomenal. I did it – made it to the top. I climbed the Mexican pyramid, sweating, in my wedges, to the top. This sense of accomplishment was incredible, something I can never forget and an experience I will tell everyone – my grand kids too (I should probably focus on getting a boyfriend first.)






After lunch we returned back to our hotel. We got our baggage delivered! I was relieved!


I learnt a little more about the Mexican culture, language and food. On Thursday,  when I was in the washroom washing my hands, a lady entered and said ‘Hola, Como estas?’ I said ‘Bien, I only know English’. She told me that she thought I was a local *Win*. I felt so good that day. People in Mexico are so warm. We greeted each other with a hug and an air kiss. The food was so delicious. We would go to a new restaurant during lunch. Hibiscus water and rice water is a very common drink, I loved the hibiscus water. The food was similar to Indian food. Quesadilla – Roti, stuffing inside the quesadilla – subji, they even served fish in a banana leaf, south Indian much? I had tortilla soup, prawn taco, Alhambra. For drinks, I knew I wasn’t going to try anything after that beer bottle in USA so my client recommended a Tamarind Margarita sans alcohol. I did try a sip of the  Tamarind Margarita with alcohol – tasted good. I also smelled the vodka.

Here are some pictures from the fancy restaurant that served very good Mexican food.



Tortilla soup




There was a Mclaren showroom near our hotel!

13410892_10157020463825486_186126295_o (1)


The view from my hotel room

I am so happy I got to spend the start of my birthday month in a new country. I can now say that I have visited the large countries of North America. I couldn’t have asked for more, this experience came as a birthday gift from God. I feel blessed.

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