10 Things I’ve learnt at Work/Advice

Hi My fabulous peeps,

I know I haven’t been updating my blog, that’s because of work and I was recently on a Business Trip to Houston, USA to meet my client. I’m back now!

Today I wanted to talk about what I’ve learnt at work and some advice. I faced some challenging situations at work, corporate life is pretty tough. Surviving through the dirt is a big task so I’d like to share my advice. You may have heard some of it in other books, I’ve realized that the experiences are different, however, the message is always the same.

  1. Hard work never goes to waste – Always work hard. This will be your oxygen for survival when everyone might not agree with you. When you work hard, it gives you that strength in your voice, you can face any challenge and situation. Never take short cuts.
  2. Only doing good work – There may be times when you and your senior/manager may not agree to something, you will feel like ruining everything, doing bad work purposely, but let me tell you, your internal problems will get solved. Your work, good or bad will remain as it is. This was the advice my dad gave me and it has been very helpful. Don’t work if you don’t feel like it, but don’t ever do bad work. Plus, when you do bad work, you give someone else an opportunity to fix it. Someone else will fix it, your internal problem will get solved but your reputation will go down. Always do good work.
  3. Don’t give up – There may be times when you think nothing works. Don’t give up, fight till the last moment if you must. Some one will come and support you. Trust me. Just don’give up. Just at the last moment, when you’ve done everything, tried everything, but you still have some hope and you’re still trying to think about what can be done, some one will come and take you to the finish line. Believe me. Just don’t ever give up. My mom taught me this and I’m so glad she did.
  4. Keep your eye on your goal – Everything and everyone apart from your goal and the path to get there is garbage. Don’t care about some trivial politics or any one who is negative, just keep your eye on your goal and you will get there.
  5. Go getter attitude – When you see an opportunity, be ready to grab it with both hands. When you want something with so much passion, and if you see it in your heart, it’s going to happen. “If you don’t know how, the universe will show you how.”
  6. Trust your intuition and act – Always follow your heart, your heart and no body else’s. If your heart tells you that something is wrong, it is wrong. Do something. When you really want to do something, the universe will tell you what to do, if you don’t know what to do. Funny how I write this, I can’t believe I’m quoting the secret, but it’s true, you will find a way. Experiences are different, message is the same.
  7. Haters – When you’re doing something correct, you are going to gain haters. They will obstruct your way, throw challenges. Be sure to work even harder, use that as a sword to fight your haters and you know you will win. Good work, hard work will give you so much strength that nobody can beat.
  8. Challenge yourself – Always look forward to challenges, and be ready to take them. Think of solving it differently, be more creative and solve them. You will find a way.
  9. Keep going – There may be days where you might not want to go to work or you might feel like quitting. Don’t. Keep going, this situation will pass. You know you’re right, you know you’ve worked hard and you’ve done good work so just trust that after the bad days come the good and it goes on. Today might not be your day, but tomorrow will be yours. Look forward to tomorrow.
  10. Appreciate – Have a big heart. When someone does good work and helps you, always appreciate them. Everyone likes hearing compliments. Spread happiness and gain their well wishes. This helps diminish the haters too.

When you want to achieve something, you will face resistance and you will face challenges. Corporate life, like everyone says, is cut throat. Hard work and good work is your oxygen.

After experiencing some instances, I finally understand “The Secret”, and I understand a bit of the Corporate life. Of course I have a lot to learn and a long way to go.

Hope this helps! Be sure to comment and subscribe!


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