My experience with PayTm (Old laptop delivered)

Hi my fabulous peeps,

Today I’m going to talk about my experience with PayTm.

I wanted to purchase the Lenovo Yoga pro 2, I saved up for it and I was ready to buy it. I looked at online options because I knew what I wanted and online shopping is easy, I never faced any challenges before. PayTm had a really nice cashback offer. The laptop at Vijay Sales was for 62k INR, Paytm was selling it for 56649 INR, plus 8497 cashback. Win right? Not quite.

I was excited to get my laptop. My friend told me PayTm takes at least 10 days to deliver, so I was prepared for that. However, my laptop arrived in 3 days. I opened the package and it was a second hand laptop. It had scratches and you could tell right away that it was a second hand laptop. Apart from the scratches, when I switched it on, and I had to enter a password. WTF? a password with a profile created is a totally a used laptop. It was so disappointing.


I immediately took pictures, sent it to PayTm. No reply, it was a Sunday. On Monday, I sent them another email, to which they did reply stating that they have initiated the refund process. I asked them for an update on who and when they will pickup the used laptop. No reply. I asked them Vijay Sharma’s(CEO) email ID , they replied stating that they will give me an update within 72 hours. Really? 72 hours for an update? That is when I tweeted to Vijay Shekhar Sharma, and PayTm called me! They told me that my laptop will be picked up within 3 days and  my money will be refunded to my bank account. I would always tweet to Vijay Sharma. I don’t know if he handles his account, but it worked because only after tweeting to him, I would get fast replies. I found his email ID through a friend and I kept him in CC in all my communications to PayTm.

They did pick my laptop the next day. They initiated the refund. I got ~48k in my bank account. The rest was in my PayTm wallet. This is what they replied when I stated that I wanted the full amount.



I was relived when I got 48k INR back, but 8.5K is also a big deal. You can use the transfer to bank account option on PayTm to transfer the cash back to your bank account, but you have to pay 4% transfer charges. I clicked on the option of transferring cashback to my bank account, but guess what? You need to activate that option, and it takes 7 days. So I emailed PayTm again and said i’m paying frigging 4% for getting a used laptop, returning it, wasting my time emailing, so I’d prefer that they’d hurry up while activating the transfer to bank account option. To my surprise, they refunded the full cash back amount to my bank account.

Thank you PayTm for refunding the full amount.

I think it all depends on the sellers. They might send a genuine product or it could be fake.

This experience has made me more careful about online shopping, maybe it might have saved me from a bigger problem that was going to happen?

Anyways my next post will be Tips to shop online.

Thank you for reading,

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