Travelling in an AirPlane


Pre- Requisites:

i. Check-in online, if the airline you’re travelling by has the facility to check-in online. I know Emirates does, you can also enter your mobile number, and they will send you updates.

ii.Reach the airport 2.5 hours in advance. Once you enter the departure lane, find your airline gate. They have separate gates for separate airlines. They are very easy to understand. And don’t worry if you go ahead of your gate. They are all close-by.

iii. Have a pen handy to use.

iv. Keep your phone charged.

Inside the airport

1. Once you enter the gate, look for check in counters for the airline that you are travelling by. Get your

  1. Boarding pass(in case you have a connecting flight, you will get 2 boarding passes)
  2. Departure card, (if you’re an Indian, you will have to fill this(Name, DOB, Flight no, Passport No, Address) and submit it at the immigration counter)
  3. Check-in your baggage (that would be everything else other than your carry-on bag and cabin bag or either).
  4. Get carry-on baggage tags for your handbag and cabin bag.

2. Security:- They will scan you and your carry-on baggage.

3. Fill the departure card, and head towards the Bureau of Immigration. Usually, there’s a long line, you could fill it when you’re standing in the line, so that you don’t have to wait again. A picture of you will be clicked and then you’re done with immigration.

4. You will enter the Mumbai Duty Free section! But, before that, check your gate number, on your boarding pass, and walk to your gate number to gauge how far or close it is. You could wait in the seating area, or.. (read the next point.)

5. Come back from your gate and explore the airport, shop, take selfies, eat etc. Do view the departure boards at intervals of half an hour, to check your flight arrival timings and gate number. Sometimes, the gate number changes at the last moment, as the flight you are travelling by can get delayed or it can arrive before the scheduled time.

6. You should be present at your gate 45 minutes before your boarding time. You must be present at your gate 20 mins before your boarding time.

7. Board your flight once they call out your seat range! Keep your passport and boarding pass out.

Enjoy your flight!


Connecting Flights:-

In case you have a connecting flight to catch, be real quick in exiting your first flight. You have to be in rush mode. Just be really quick. If you’re sitting in a window seat, or the middle seat, try to exchange your seat with someone who is sitting near the aisle. This will help you rush once the flight lands. Remember, you already have your boarding pass.

1. Once you exit your first flight, look for ‘Connecting flight’ boards and follow them.

2.Go through the security check.

3. Look for departure boards, look for your flight, gate no. and the time it’s departing at.

4. Find your gate no. and have a seat, or if you have time, explore the airport.

Dressing for the airport:-


1. Be comfy. Wear something warm. It gets really cold up in the clouds. Carry socks if you want.

I wore a full sleeved tee shirt, underneath a beige tank top and I carried a sweater.

Below, I wore a tank top and a warm sweater on top.


Carry-On handbag

1. I like tote bags. They open wide. I can look for whatever I want, quickly.

2. Carry only what you need. Don’t carry a heavy carry-on bag. I had a book, my wallet that carried my passport and visa, a sweater, and some last minute makeup items (unnecessary, I know). I wish I had a pair of warm socks, a neck pillow and some mints.

3. In case you have a connecting flight, avoid carrying a cabin bag. Believe me, it will save you A LOT of time.


1. Once you get your boarding pass, switch on the wifi. Sign into the network. It will ask for your mobile number. A one time password will be sent, upon entering that, you will be connected!

2. For Dubai, or Qatar, switch on wifi, and sign into the network. Click on ‘Start your complimentary session’. It was 30 minutes in Dubai and unlimited in Qatar.

I’m sure it’s similar in other air ports as well.


1. Always keep your passport in your hand, or in your bag. Never leave it anywhere.

2. The 311 Rule(Sometimes, liquids explode, and hence the rule.) :- In case you have any liquids to carry:-

A person is allowed 3 fluid ounces of a liquid item in 1 Ziploc bag.

There is no limit on the number of liquid items that you can carry, just as long as they all fit in 1 Ziploc bag.

Eg. I can carry 3 fl. oz of foundation in my Ziploc , 3 fl.oz of toner in my Ziploc etc.

3. You are allowed to carry items weighing up to 10 kg in a cabin bag and 30 kgs in your luggage bag. These numbers may vary according to the airline you’re travelling by.

Hope you’ve found this useful!


P.S Thanks to my parents for some of the tips.


9 responses to “Travelling in an AirPlane

  1. Nice, useful article
    Please correct point no. 6, i guess you have mistakenly mentioned it twice
    You should be present at your gate 45 minutes before your boarding time. You must be present at your gate 20 mins before your boarding time

    • Thank you.

      I deliberately wrote that.
      I will re frame it though. Thanks for pointing that out.

      I meant to say if in case you get delayed, you must be present before 20 mins.

      I wanted to emphasize on the must. 🙂

      Glad you found it useful!

  2. Great tips, very useful. There are only a few things that are more important than being perfectly prepared for a flight. Even though I’ve been flying dozens of times, I’m still always preparing! I hope your guide will help others to plan as good as you did 🙂

  3. Hi Priti,

    I will be travelling to Sydney in a month with my 2.5 yr old. I have traveled by air just once before and this is my first international travel alone.

    Do you have any tips on travelling with a toddler.

    • Hi Priyanka,

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any tips, but I think the on an airplane, you are given the front seat where there is a todler seat.

      Thanks for reading!

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