DIY/’Making Chocolates’ l Part 2


Hey my fabulous peeps,

If you want to know how I ‘made’ the chocolates shown in the picture above, then keep reading. I also use double quotes, because you’re not really making them, you are just re shaping them.

Why would anybody ‘reshape’ chocolates ? You can personalize them! This valentine’s day, personalize them, and I will show you how!

In my previous post, I mentioned I got my chocolate bars, and some decorative stuff from alpha.

Step 1:- Cut a quarter from the big chocolate bar. I’ve cut a quarter from the milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate.


Step 2:– Cut them into little cubes and put them into a bowl. I didn’t cut them in cubes the first time, I just popped them into the microwave. The white chocolate was burnt inside and I couldn’t eat it. Next time, I diced them!


Step 3:- Microwave at 450 W for 30 seconds Take it out, mix it. Microwave again at 450 W for 40 seconds. Take it -out and mix again. Continue this till you melt all the chocolate into a syrup-y mixture, one by one. Don’t put them in all at once. I made that mistake. But then, I heated them one after the other.

You could also use the double boiling method. Use a steel container, fill one fourth of it with water. Take a smaller steel container so that it can float on top of the water. Put your diced chocolate inside the steel container and crank up the heat. Make sure no water enters your steel container, adjust the water level if in case it does. It takes a little longer. I’m not sure how long though.



I made the mistake of putting all 3 into the microwave and heating it at 800W for 3 minutes.


After the chocolate’s melted, you should get a syrup-y mixture. Pour it into the mould, and pop it into the fridge for 5 minutes. If you have different colors, pour all three on top of each other. Add nuts, or crackle or anything you like. You could also add food coloring to the white chocolate and make different colored chocolates.


Step 4:– Decorating.

This is the main reason why you’d want to put in effort to create these chocolates.



I wrote the initials of my colleagues names on the back of the chocolates. I used the above cone to write their initials. The chocolate did harden and I used the double boiling method to melt it!


I used a steel vessel and filled one fourth of it with water. I then used a smaller steel plate and let it float on top. I placed the cone inside the plate and cranked up the flame. After around 10 minutes, the white chocolate was runny again!

Step 5:- Wrapping

I then used aluminium foil to wrap them. Before that, to identify which chocolate belonged to whom, I wrote their name on thin strips of paper. I tied the middle with red ribbons, since paper breaks when I use it to tie the whole chocolate with wrapping paper, you’ll later in the photos below.



As you can see below, I’ve wrapped them up in wrapping paper. On the paper ribbon, I wrote my message. You could write anything, perhaps a reason why you like that person.



And voila! Personalized chocolates ready to eat!

We have a fun committee in my office. My colleague and I are heading it this month, hence the distribution of personalized chocolates. What better day then Valentines Day to give chocolates?

I hope everyone likes them!

Anyways, I hope you liked reading/viewing.

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