‘Making’ Chocolates:Part 1 l Alpha

Hello my fabulous peeps,


My colleague and I are in charge of the fun committee and as valentines day  is comping up, I wanted to give out personalized chocolates at office.

My friend bought chocolate slabs from Crawford market. Initially, I was going to go to Crawford Market, Churchgate but my fabulous huntay, Bhavishi Jhaveri told me to visit Alpha instead, as it is closer.

I had no clue about Alpha, so I decided to explore. Well, I heard about it, when my friends talked about going to Irla, but I never went there. Alpha is basically like a supermarket/grocery store, kind of. There are 5 of them, if I am not wrong. In each one of them, you get different items. They are all located close to each other.

How to get there:– We (my mom and I) took a train to Andheri Station. We exited the station on the west side. We took a rickshaw, we asked him to drop us at alpha. It cost us 20 INR to get to alpha from Andheri station.


On the top right, I hope you see the poster with Alpha written on it


Alpha 1:- ‘Food Stuffs, cosmestics, laptops, foot wear, wrist watches, telephones, wall clocks, ladies purses etc.’ is written under Alpha 1

You get different items at different Alpha’s


When you enter, just ask for what you’re looking for. If they don’t have it, they will direct you to another alpha.

I asked for chocolate slabs. They showed me a couple different ones, I picked mine. They gave me a token number. I went to the cash counter, submitted my token. They billed my items. Unfortunately, they didn’t accept any cards, so I had to pay cash.

Since they didn’t sell any moulds for chocolates, I was directed to Alpha 3.


My mommy in front of Alpha 3.

I bought chocolate mould’s there.

Here’s everything I bought.


Milk slab:- 140 INR Dark chocolate:- 105 INR Milk Chocolate: 115 INR Wlanut:- 400 INR Small mould:- 160 IR Chocolate mould:- 80 INR

I am going to be making chocolates soon! Will keep you updated on how I made them.

You get pretty much everything at Alpha. Cosmetics, electronic goods, food, everything. The streets are filled with different stalls for clothes, shoes, phone cases, everything.

Hope you liked reading/viewing.

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