OnePlus One (First impression)

Hello my fabulous peeps,


I got a new phone! Finally! Previously, I used the Samsung Ace.

I was planning on buying the Nexus 5, as my budget was around 25K INR. My colleague showed me his OnePlus one and was raving about the specifications! 5.5 in screen, 64GB storage space,13MP back camera, 5MP front camera, 3GB RAM are some specs that I loved and it fit in my budget! For all the specs, check out the onePlus One site.

I loved it. I needed an invite. My brother’s friend sent me one. I was too late to claim it. I tweeted like crazzzzy! Finally, Karan Thakkar sent me an invite, thanks to twitter hash tags. I also entered a competition by InternetJarBlog.


Anyways, after I got the invite, I placed an order. I got it 3 days days later!

1. Packaging:-

It comes inside a drawer like box. It’s just like the the Louis Vuitton drawer. Yes, I am comparing it to a LV box.

I love the material or the box too! Feels so good to get this phone!



2. Inside the box:-




It comes with

  • a pin placed inside a rubber case.
  • a Nano sim tray, I was actually outside the box
  • flat cable
  • International Safety Guide

SIM card: I got my sim card cut to the size of a micro sim. Extra plastic was chipped off. I thought he didnt cut it right. The guy put my SIM in the wrong way. I didn’t really look at it. Obviously, my phone didn’t get any network. He told me to get a nano SIM. So off I went to get a nano SIM. To get a nano SIM, I had to go from pre paid to post paid, in Airtel. Which I didn’t like. But I was too excited about my phone and I wanted network. So I paid 330 INR to get my account transfered from prepaid to postpaid.

I went to my office and I told my colleague about it. He tried to insert my prepaid micro sim and it worked. Basically, I switched to postpaid for nothing.

But I got the 199 INR plan for my post paid, and it’s not bad.

You will also get a charger:-



It comes in a nice little box, with a manual.

Speaking of charging, I have to charge my phone once a day. A tad bit dissapointing as I used to charge my phone once every 3 days when I had first got my Samsung Galaxy ACE.

3. Size:-

phoen size

I don’t think its too big. It is big, but I’m glad I have long fingers. I can use the phone with one hand. It peeps out of my pocket.

It fits into my wallet, making it bulky. I wouldn’t fit it into my wallet unless I really have to.


4. Protective case & Screen Protector:-


I bought the case and the screen guard.

Below is picture of the Clear Case.



Left:- Phone without the case. Right:- Phone with the case on.

I had to but the anti- fingerprint screen protector. This phone is a finger print magnet!

I loved the packaging again! Comes with the positioning tab, micro cloth, dust remover, and a squeegee. The screen guard is placed inside this envelope shaped pocket on the right.




Applying it is so easy. I watched a video on YouTube that helped me a lot.

And that’s all I have to say for my first impression of this phone!

Hope you liked reading!

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