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Hey my fabulous peeps,

2014-12-21 14.45.25

I went to Colaba Social on Sunday whilst I was in that area after some Christmas shopping for myself.
2014-12-21 15.02.37
I am going to describe my experience on the following parameters:
1. Atmosphere
2. customer Service
3. Food
4. Price
5. Props/Interior
6. Space
1. Atmosphere:
  • Loud Music. If you want to talk quietly, this is not a place for you. I was sitting beside the speaker (it was so crowded, I didn’t get another place to sit) and it was even louder.
  • Dark. It was pretty dark in there. So if you like a lot of light to click, not the place for you!2014-12-21 14.47.20
2. Customer Service.
I didn’t like it at all. First of all, they gave me the menu after asking for it, after a long time, and after the people that sat beside us, who arrived later than us, got it first.
They asked us what kind of water we wanted (Bottled or regular) but didn’t give us any water. After asking for water and tissue paper, they gave us only tissue paper. We asked for water again, and then it arrived.
 Perhaps, it was because of the Sunday crowd.
3. The food/Drinks:-
2014-12-21 14.52.30
They placed a nice little bucket with cutlery and the paper menus rolled up. There were 2 menus, one for the drinks you could have at the bar (#Cocktailkitchen) or at your seat, if I’m not wrong and one for food. We didn’t order any of the drinks.
We ordered:-
 Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup
2014-12-21 15.47.31
2014-12-21 15.17.20
Andhra mutton biryani
2014-12-21 15.48.06
2014-12-21 15.32.38
Achmed’s Mezze platter
2014-12-21 15.48.37
2014-12-21 15.35.49
It was too much food for two. We had to take some of the biryani and the Mezze platter home!
Ample quantity in each. It was fresh and it tasted really good. I loved all of it, I can’t choose which one I liked the most!
The people sitting beside us, ordered this burger. We were too full to even think about this one. But it looks so good. I love the knife in the middle. It is easy to share it among our friends. It starts from 340 INR.
2014-12-21 15.31.22
4. Price:– Good price range. Definitely worth the quantity they serve. I hate the amount of tax they add though. 27% approx!
2014-12-21 15.53.07
5.  Props/Interiors
2014-12-21 14.47.33
  • There was a swing inside. Pretty cool. But you can’t really swing if someone’s sitting behind it. 2014-12-21 15.58.37
  •  I loved the paper menu.
  • They put the bill inside a steel box, hash tagged damage. I liked that as well.2014-12-21 15.52.57
  • They hash tagged all their areas, for example #WIP or #cocktailkitchen. That was pretty cool.
6. Space:– I would say medium sized. Maybe The size of Starbucks at Oberoi Mall.
Way too crowded, especially during lunch. We went at 3pm. No room to move.
Overall, it’s a good noisy place to eat and relax.
Hope you liked reading!
Photo credits:- My Mom 🙂
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Merry Christmas!

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