How safe is Mumbai for Women after 10:30 pm?

Hey my fabulous peeps,
I left my house the other day after an argument with my parents on this topic. I wanted to go to out with my colleagues for a team outing after 10:30 pm and planned to have  someone drop me home afterwards. Seems okay right? This is Mumbai after all It’s a safe city crowded 24/7

But later after having thought about it a bit more, I wondered if Mumbai really is safe at night, and perhaps my parents were correct after all. Here are some points I was mulling over:

I could call a cab after 1am to drop me home safe and sound, right? Thank goodness I mentioned this to my mom before actually going forward with this idea. But I was wrong. If you are alone, I would suggest never, ever calling a cab at night. They might take you to a place other than your intended destination.The rules here are not strict. My mom said, you have to protect yourself, always. 

This story made me think

  • What if something goes wrong whilst traveling? The hospitals and pharmacies are closed at that time of night. Everything shuts down and there are less people around to help. That makes me stop and think.
  • There might be thieves wandering around, and again, there will be less people to help. At 10:30pm at a bus stop on the highway, if you are messaging someone and a bike jets past you, the pillion passenger can steal your phone or your bag. They are gone in seconds and there’s nothing you can do. Good advice would be to be alert always at night and keep your phone firmly in your pocket so it does not distract you
  • And then there are people who might harass you just for the sake of it. I’ve heard this happening at bus stops – a lady was waiting for a bus and random people started teasing her. Fortunately another man who came to help her but it could have got nasty
  • A colleague I know boarded a train at 9:30pm as usual. He has just bought a Samsung tablet and was playing a game on it. When the train was about to halt at a stop, a man snatched it, jumped off the train and ran away. My colleague tried to chase him but the thief was too fast. This shows that even men are vulnerable
  • Even rickshaws are not safe at 10:30pm. A friend of mine was sitting on her own in a rickshaw and a couple of young men on motorbikes came up along side her. They actually tried to snatch her hand bag from the moving ric. My friend held on tight and kept her bag but she was very shaken. This could have caused a serious accident. It was so dangerous.
  • Perhaps therefore a public bus would be a better option – but maybe not. Remember Delhi?
  • Perhaps the solution is to ask a colleague to drop you home? Make sure you know that person very well. Be careful because you just never know what can happen.
The link below shows how the crime rates have risen by 46%!

All the above mentioned points happen in daylight too. My brother’s phone was stolen in the afternoon. But in daylight, you have more people to help you if anything goes wrong. If your vehicle stops, you have different ways to reach home. At night you’re taking a risk. It’s not always that you’ll get into trouble, but what if one day you do? If the event is avoidable, then why not try to avoid it?

Like my team outing, it wasn’t an emergency, so we planned for an earlier time. But if it’s something unavoidable, there are risks out there so try to be as safe as you can be. In my opinion, it’s best to avoid going out after 10:30pm if you can – unless you’re with family and you have your own vehicle. 

 Views might differ and it’s alright if they do. Do comment and share your views!

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2 responses to “How safe is Mumbai for Women after 10:30 pm?

  1. This is not only to Mumbai, but also to every cities especially to ladies and girls. yes sure it is valuable advice.

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