Mumbai Crowd and some advice my dad gave

Hey my fabulous peeps!

Traveling in Mumbai is such a challenging task. To get everywhere it is so crowded.
It takes me at least and hour to reach my destination.

crowdHonestly, we looks like ants. Crawling everywhere.

Sometimes it’s so packed at 9 30 pm! Let alone finding a place to sit in the bus.

When I see the bus I want to get into, I get ready to predict where it might halt just so I can be the first to get into. After it halts everybody wants to get in. Its a competition of who can push and enter.

As I was boarding a bus, I remembered something my dad told me. It is along the lines of this:- Life is like a train journey. You interact with the people in your compartment and when you/they arrive at the destination, you move on. Everything changes, you meet new people in a different train in a different compartment.

Except here, I am comparing it to a bus.

Everything changes. You meet so many different people. Sometimes, I get a little too attached and I am reluctant to change, especially when I think something is perfect.

Adapting to new surroundings takes some time. De-attaching yourself and then adapting to new people is challenging. But it gives you new opportunities to learn, grow and expand your circle.

I like to believe that change happens for a good reason.

So that’s all.

Now that its ‘winter’, I am going to write more on Mumbai and the places I visit. Any suggestions on some good places to go to? Thinking of going to Colaba Social.

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