Mark & Spencer’s event!

Hello My Fabulous peeps,


I just came home from the Mark & Spencers event I was invited to(Shoutout to Raisa for inviting me). It was at their Infinity Mall, Malad branch.

I reached at 12:30 pm. Socialized. I am incredibly lucky to meet Alice. She’s the head of M&S (India division). A very humble and honest person.



Started at 1:45pm. Raisa was the host, and she is amazing! I was called up for a rapid fire round. And I won a gift hamper! How cool is that?


Will post what I got inside at the end!

Anyways, after the rapid fire round, there was a talk show, with Tisca Chopra.

It started out with Dr. Vinu, a dermatologist. It was an informative session on skin care. Sun screen with SPF 30 is the ideal for Indians, is what she says.

The talk show then moved on to makeup. Jharna, a professional makeup artist gave some good tips. I think the session was a little short. Maybe because we started late and probably had to hurry.

We got a 15 minute break. PhotoGrid_1416062466971

We could ask the healer anything and she would answer/solve our problems. There was a line for it. So didn’t get to try that out. There was a makeover section where Jharna’s staff was giving a makeover. Then there was the bar section. I was chilling there talking about my blog and Niffler. And then it was time to get back.

After the break, Vandita, who’s worked with Singapore Airlines was on the talk show. She spoke about lingerie and feeling confident from the inside. LOTS of good tips there! She’s an image consultant. Really really liked her talk show.


Top left:- set for the talk show.

Top right:- Dr. Vinu on skincare.

Bottom left:- Jharna on makeup

Bottom right:- Vandita on lingerie


There was free food, juice and wine!




I tried wine for the first time.


and met some cool people!

PhotoGrid_1416062005095So what was in my gift hamper?




Hand cream and body wash along with a M&S membership card. Whoohoo.

PhotoGrid_1416060374981 A M&S hand lotion and hand cream. Really love the hand lotion. It’s light, very feminine and smells so good!

The event was very well organized. Perfect way to spend a Saturday!

Thank you Raisa, for inviting me.

Hope you had fun reading this post. Do comment, share and subscribe!




6 responses to “Mark & Spencer’s event!

  1. I am surprised by your ability to remember names of so many people from an event. You already knew them or some assistant took notes for you? 😛
    Congratulations by the way, lucky you.

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