Fabulous Life Update: Transition from University to Work Life-2

Hey my fabulous peeps,

Since it’s been a little over 4 months, I can write a little bit more on my transition from University Life to Work life.

  1. No Exams! Yippee! I don’t have to read a certain book and remember it. Cool right? Not quite. You have to update yourself on the industry needs, practices etc from a whole lot of sources. As a procurement analyst, I’m still learning about the source to pay cycle. It’s fun though. Not a lot of pressure.
  2. Colleagues not friends :- My boss’s boss’s boss told us this. To call and look at everyone at our workplace as our colleagues, makes life easier in a professional environment.
  3. No time pass! I remember my uni days when we’d sit in a group, laugh, gossip, make lots of noise in class. Our teacher would yell and shout. We can’t do none of that. Doesn’t make a good impression. It is quiet easy to form groups and chit chat, ours is a big group and we’ve just graduated. So we were warned not to chit chat in groups.
  4. No Giving Gallis! Even if you want to yell and cuss someone, you have to put a smile on your face and talk politely(Use please, request etc). Nope, none of the “salli” or and other words are to be used.
  5. Dealing with stuff:- You can’t beat up a person if you get into a fight. You can’t slap anyone. You have to be professional. A colleague snatched my phone. I was annoyed. After cooling down, I let that person know calmly, that it was not okay to snatch my phone. Sometimes, if you are uncomfortable voicing your opinion or value, make sure to convey your message privately(maybe whatsapp, or SMS )
  6. No bunking! You can’t just say you don’t want to attend work. You must. I miss my uni days where I just didn’t go to class when I didn’t feel like it.
  7. Time! Thanks to our flexible timing’s, I can enter and leave as per my convenience. Nobody tells me anything for being late, actually there is no such thing as being late.

Well, That’s all from me for now. I will post more as time passes.

Thanks for reading!

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PS. I was invited for a Marks & Spencer event. I am so excited to write a post on that! Stay tuned for that! Will post updates next week, hopefully I get the time!


One response to “Fabulous Life Update: Transition from University to Work Life-2

  1. Hey its okay… Everybody has to go from this transition someday or the other. Suddenly life will seem like a Grown-Up.

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