Shopping! & Niffler

** This post is not sponsored. Everything has been bought by me. Everything is my opinion only.

Hey fabulous peeps,

Happy Diwali, belated I mean.

So I went shopping and got some great deals.


Picture Credits: Amol Kairamkonda


How did I find out about some of the great deals? Niffler. It’s an Android application that notifies you about the sales around your area. You can earn Niffler points and redeem them. 500 Niffler points = 50 rupees. There are United Colors of Benetton vouchers, Shopper’s Stop vouchers and so many more. You get 500 points on joining and you get 50 rupees Paytm free recharge.

Here are some of the things I bought from Oberoi Mall over a period of 2 months.


I got this all at 50% discount at The Body Shop. I’ve always wanted to try the Body Butter and the Hand Cream. I love the vanilla and Ginger bread scent. I didn’t like the Cranberry Scent. The ginger bread smells like winter!

I got the vanilla candles at Home Center, at 50% discount!

2014-09-20 18.59.53

My next purchase was from Clinique. I got this chubby stick at 1200 rupees, I believe, and it now retails at 14oo rupees. I love the color and the quantity. I wanted to try a foundation so I took a sample size. It’s the anti blemish foundations I think, well, it’s the one with salicylic acid in it.

2014-10-25 17.44.11-12014-10-25 17.48.00-1

Facial Scrub and A Beauty Sponge

2014-10-25 17.49.02-12014-10-25 17.48.26-1


Eye liner and Mascara

The Body Shop had 20% discount if you buy any 4 products, and I bought a facial scrub, the bristles are too harsh for my skin, a beauty sponge, an eye liner and a mascara(I don’t like it, it says its super volume but it only lengthens my eye lashes.).

I got myself a free Starbucks card. You have to register your card on their website. To use their card you have to recharge your card and whilst paying, pay by your Starbucks card because you will earn points. You will get a free drink after 25 points. You also get a free drink in your Birthday month. Really cool I’d Say.

2014-10-25 20.15.27-1

I then had enough time to relax- by drinking my evening tea and reading!



Picture Credits: Amol Kairamkonda



Picture Credits: Amol Kairamkonda

Hope you like this post, it was a little bit girly.

Anyways, you can download Niffler from here.

or  scan the code below. Spread it among your friends and let them scan this code to download Niffler!


Follow Niffler on Twitter and like their page on Facebook!

Happy Shopping!

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