Learner’s License: Mumbai

Hey my fabulous peeps!

I got my learner’s license last weekend. Woot woot!

If you are going to apply for one, you’ve come to the right place!

  1. You have to fill in the online application form. Make sure you choose the 1st or 3rd Saturday. The RTO, Andheri is closed on 2nd and 4th Saturdays. Even if you do schedule it on the 2nd or 4th Saturday, you’ll receive an email and it will be scheduled on the next working Saturday.
  2. You should know the signs/symbols perfectly. Know the Act, what year it was made in etc.
  3. Refer to online web sites and solve their practice test.

On the Test day:

  1. I got down at Andheri station (West), took a rickshaw to the RTO. It did cost around 40rs.
  2. You have to go to the back side of the building. Ask around where to go to give your learner’s. I wish there were signs present.
  3. Once you enter, get your documents verified. Pay. Get the receipt, and get your data entered. They will take a picture of you there, so make sure you look good if you want a nice picture of yourself.
  4. Enter the hall. You will have a number on you receipt, sit at that place only.
  5. You will have a powerpoint presentation in front of you. The questions will be displayed on the screen.
  6. The questions will be read out by the speaker in marathi.
  7. Only after listening to questions and the options, a 10 second timer will start. Within 10 seconds you must choose your answer and press down the correct button. If you press down the button before or after that 10 second time period, your answer will not get recorded.
  8. The test was alright. There were some questions that were wierd. Like:
    How are the license plates printed?
    a. White backround with black ink
    b. Yellow backround with black ink
    c. Yellow background with white inkI choose white background with black ink, luckily. But I have seen the rickshaw plates with yellow backround and black ink.
  9. I scored 17/20. The passing is 12/20 (60%). It is not very tough.
  10. You will get your learners license within 10 mintures. It is that quick. I really liked that.

    All the best!

Resources  I refered to:

  1. http://rtoindia.com/startTest.asp
  2. http://www.aptransport.org/html/demotest.php

Documents I took:

  1. Original Voter’s ID card (Very important)
  2. Original Adhaar Card

 After Learner’s license:

Within 6 months, I have to get my permanent license. I am practicing and hopefully I get my permanent too!

Anyways, that is all. Hope you liked it!

What was your experience like?

Please do comment, share and subscribe!



15 responses to “Learner’s License: Mumbai

  1. Hey Congrats for your learning license…!!! 🙂 Again very well explained.
    The best thing about your post is Once we read it, we don’t have to look for any other sources to get the required info… 🙂

  2. Hey, did you manage to get a driving license slot? I received the Learner’s License on March 2. On April 2, I decided to apply for the Driving License (the system didn’t allow me to apply for the DL before expiry of 30 days from receipt of Learner’s License). Filled in the form but when I tried to book a slot for test, I couldn’t find any till September. The problem is that my license will expire on September 2. How do I deal with such cases? Anyone?

    • Yes, It was while ago.

      Oh. It looks like there is a lot of rush? But really? Till sept no slots?

      Try again. Or go to a driving class center. I’m sure they will guide you,


      • Thanks a bunch for your help. I booked a slot for September 30. But I feel they won’t allow me to take a test because my learner license will have expired by then. I feel there is a glitch in the new form (this one is different from the one from December). They should have allowed me to submit the form before expiry of 30 days from the issuance of learner license while not allowing me to book a slot for the test before 30 days. Somehow, they prevented me from submitting the form itself and now have somehow allowed me to book a slot for a date beyond the expiry date of my learner license.

        Anyway, thanks for your help.

        Guys, has anyone else faced this problem? Will deeply appreciate it if you found a solution and shared it with me.

        Kind Regards,

  3. Thank you for sharing Preeti,

    My Learners License expired because the Slot booking i got for driving License was after the LL expiry date. So now i have taken out learners license for the 2nd time. although i have learnt Driving. Now after 30 days after i recv the learners license i can get a driving License.
    This whole waiting has taken 8 to 9 months.
    This is what i have learnt and done so just sharing . May be its help full to somebody.

    This is how u book slot in advance so your license does not expire like mine. as it is difficult to get slot booking immediately. its normally 1 to 2 months ahead from the day u plan to book.

    My Advice.
    1. Apply for Learners License online. once you are allowed the slot booking. for eg.. 1st May.
    2. Also Simultaneously fill web application for driving license and book slot for 1 st June for Driving License ( assuming that u are ready in a month to give your driving test) or u can book slot whenever u are comfortable before the expiry of Learners license.
    U can fill your correct details However this web application is created only for slot booking purpose.
    Your web application for eg. 111
    3. Once u get yr Learners License.
    you now fill in web application for Driving license again, This has to be filled properly , it will also ask u for your Learners License No. fill all correct details. and save it now your web application no for this is for eg. 222.
    4. Now you go to cancel Slot booking.
    a.cancel Driving License for web application no. 111( what u have done now is released that 1 slot you had kept for yourself)
    and then immediately
    b. Go to slot booking for DL . enter web application details of 222. web application no. and there you can book the slot which u had for booked with web application no. 111

    This is assuming that nobody else books the slot immediately when u release it. U can open the 2nd web application in another browser.

    Hope this helps.
    This is only if u r going directly to rto.

  4. Hey Indian,
    Dont Worry go a week before your learners license expires although you have a slot booking after your LL has expired.
    go at 10 am . Tell the officer your LL is expiring on so and so date and slot booking is like months ahead.
    and they normally do the test before 12 . or they will call u on the last day your LL expires.
    you can also try telling him u are going out of town so will not be there
    the day your LL expires. Give it in writing.Take letter and go.

    I got to know this after my LL had expired. And now Have had to make LL for the 2nd time.

    • Hey Crimson, I wanted to know something. My LL expired one year back and I didn’t appear for the test because I had to abroad. Now should I again get LL or can I ask someone to directly test me for Permanent?

  5. Hi, Thanks for this information. This was very informative. But the online site is not opening. Is there some alternative for taking appointment and getting the form?

  6. Hey could please tell me what do we have to fill for certificate no. Incase we are using ration card as I’d proof there’s this section where you are required to select documents for Id and address proof please help

  7. Fuck that govt of india
    Now the days they are getting very slow for making learning license or permanent licence
    Booking slots already full for next 60days
    Wht the hell doing govt employees getting very slow
    And asking higher payscales
    With the help of sarathi.nic
    taking online appointments for LL/DL booking slots already full from last 3 months
    I noticed that since last 3 months

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