Fabulous Life Update 2 l The transition phase: University life to Work life

Hey my fabulous peeps,

I has been 3 weeks and a day, 22 days since I’ve been working. My colleagues and I have been put in Gurukul(School)- Training period. It is so much fun! I love the atmosphere and the work culture.  Everyone of us is so different. The jokes we crack are hilarious. I’m on my way to building abs! We were assessed a lot too.

On Monday, we are going to be split into teams. The training time is over. I will be given real work. I am so psyched for the team meet! I am nervous too. It is my first job and everything is new.  From Monday I will be shifted to the floor. Yes, we were trained in the basement.

Do share your work experiences and the challenges you faced while shifting from University to work, I’d love to hear.




I love my office!

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11 responses to “Fabulous Life Update 2 l The transition phase: University life to Work life

  1. Nice to hear such a good experience… Its really good that you are enjoying your work…Bcoz very few people actually love what they do. 🙂
    All the very Best for the future…!!!

  2. Focus on work or your Team Manager will crack Hilarious jokes and your Salary statement will be hilarious 😛 .. just kidding.

    Have FUN . Good Luck 🙂

  3. hi congrats for job!!! i can i get your chat on watsapp…m quit confused to decide area of interest,,proj topic,for my feature oriented ,m not getting any idea how to start…so m in B.E AVERAGE STUDET(EXTC) my watsaap no 9930760496

  4. Hi…pRi
    I like your all kinds posts..specially metro n project things written…the way you presented your situations and stuffs… that was something elegant i would say..

    I just want to ask one que..
    Where do you want to see after 3 years?

    I would love to know this..

    Thanks..see u

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