Hey my fabulous peeps,

I wanted to write a lot on this topic, I just didn’t find the correct title.

It’s been 12 days since I’ve been working. At my workplace, we’ve used this word a lot, in a different context of course. Everything depends on an individual’s perception. It’s how you perceive things, it varies and everyone is correct.

I have a couple incidents that I will share. It has helped me a lot.

  1. Travelling in Mumbai. To get to work without traffic, it takes me 30 mins. With traffic, around 2 hours! Imagine all the humidity and sweat inside a bus. Not cool. It’s been 12 days since I’ve been working. The route I take is always trafucked. Always. I pretty much hated it in my first week. Traffic at 12 noon, traffic at 10 pm! Can you believe it? I didn’t want to go to work. But then I changed my perception. What will I do at home? I have no responsibilities. I only have my job to concentrate on. So what if i leave home 2 hours early. I get a seat to sit in, sometimes a window seat. I listen to the radio on my way. I have never travelled at 10 pm. But due to work, I do now. It’s a different experience. Mumbai looks very different at night. I am enjoying the travelling. I have changed my perception of being irritated to being A-okay with travelling.
  2. Periods. Err, its kinda girly. So if you have a problem, skip to the next point. It’s not a merry period. I feel ugly, and dirty and yuck. My tummy aches a ton. I just didn’t like it, until, I skipped 2 months due to stress, I believe. I Google-ed the reasons as to why I didn’t get it. PCOS, hirsutism, cervical cancer and so many more reasons came up. I was scared and for the first time, I wished I got my period. For the first time, I appreciated the fact it meant everything was alright. I changed my perspective, I appreciated it’s importance.
  3. Dealing with difficult situations. I think it’s all on your perspective. You can weep and not do anything, or you can fight the situation. When you fight a situation you learn new things. Does this sound vague? I’ve actually learnt this from beccacbabes on YouTube. She is a cancer survivor. She says she’s changed her perspective on how she looks at things.  She is so inspiring, I always watch her videos. After watching her videos, I know I can deal with any situation thrown at me.

Sometimes you just have to view situations differently, from a different perspective. You have to know that you are lucky to have the things you have. I said this to a friend of mine “Give me your brain, you’re so smart”. He says: “Give me your legs, I wish I could walk.” I froze. I didn’t now what to say. Everything is not easy, everything is not going to go the way you want it to. You are not going to have everything in life. If we change our perspective, IMO, it becomes way way easier.

I’ma end it here before it gets too long to read. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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6 responses to “Perception

  1. I only have one word to say “Inspiring”… After reading this, I certainly have started looking at things with a different perception altogether… It leaves behind a lot of positivity. 🙂

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