Mumbai Metro. My experience.

Hello my fabulous peeps!

I was pretty excited about the metro and I wanted to travel by it. So today I decided to travel by the new metro in Mumbai. I’m going to talk about my experience.

I went with my father. I wanted to go to Phoenix MarketCity, Sakinaka. (Anyone who wants to go to phoenix marketcity, go to Ghatkopar and not Sakinaka. Get down at Ghatkopar, not Sakinaka. Yes, even if the address that Phoenix MarketCity gives says Sakinaka, please go to Ghatkopar. Sakinaka is filled with traffic even at 1:30 pm. The roads are tiny. Don’t ever get down at Sakinaka. )

I was at Andheri Station. You have to exit Andheri Station and walk to the Andheri metro station. It’s right next to the railway station. Very very close by.



That’s what the entrance looks like. We entered Andheri Metro, I believe it was gate 5E.

The website is very clear on how to use the metro. Here’s the link . Click on ‘link’.

We went up to the concourse level to buy our tickets. We payed 10 Rs (10 rs is what it costs this month(June 2014) only, to go to any station.)


We bought our tickets to Sakinaka. They gave us a token. The below picture is what it looks like.


We then had to go through a security check. They scanned our bags and then frisked us.



We then passed through the (automatic fare collection) AFC gates . Have you seen English Vinglish? These gates reminded me of that scene where Sridevi had to scan her ticket, only then the gates would open. This was similar. We had to put our token on the AFC gate, and then the gates would open. We went on to the platform using escalators.



There were people around to help us. There were enough boards to guide us through.


The picture above is what the tracks look like.

We then boarded the train.



Do visit their website for a list of their Stations. Here’s the link, just in case. (Click on “link”.)

It was air conditioned. It was calm, peaceful, cool. I couldn’t believe it was in Mumbai. There wasn’t any “ladies coach”. All the coaches had seats reserved for female’s, old people, people that are handicapped, people that need help etc. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind standing in this train throughout the journey. I was lucky I got a seat though.




That’s what it looks like outside.

I wished the journey lasted for an hour! It was perfect!

We had to exit. There is no gap , or no elevation between the platform and train.  We walked out, and headed for the exit.





While exiting, we had to drop the token inside the slot at the AFC gate. The little plastic butterfly wings of the gate would only then.

And that’s all! You just exit. 😀



That’s me inside the train. I kinda look messy, but meh. My father clicked this picture of me, and I ‘edited’ this photo using instagram.

Hope you liked reading/viewing!

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6 responses to “Mumbai Metro. My experience.

  1. I feel really happy that finally we have Metros. However, I would love if this metros could spread to other states also. I still remember my first Metro ride, it was a very exciting movement. Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. Finally All the metropolitan citites are making use of resources and have introduced metros ! To get the correct information and timetables realting to metros ,I use Ridlr which is a free app which enables me to provied information even without internet .

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