How to pass your engineering exam? (Mumbai University)

*Disclaimer: This is according to my experience. Your experience might vary. I will not be blamed, follow at your own risk. 

Hey my fabulous peeps,

Since I just got done with my final exams, why not write a post on how to pass! and I’ve never got a KT.

We all have that subject that we just dread and want to just clear right?

I hated Electromagnetic engineering. I wanted to just-clear it. I just wanted a 40. Just pass. And well, my last exam- Embedded Systems and Real Time Programming, was also a subject that I wanted to clear because:

  1. we didn’t have a lot time
  2. It was my last exam, I was too busy thinking about my vacation. I did a lot of time pass.
  3. I didn’t have a lot of time.

I’m going to give you 5 simple steps to just clear your paper! Nope, I’m not talking about topping, or even getting a 60. Just pass, ie getting 40 marks in a paper.

1.Easy Solutions

easy colutions

This is your savior. That small thin book at the top, you don’t got no time for those huge reference books. Memorize this. All  of it. At least 3 repeated questions will appear in your paper. Hope to score a 20 and more.

2.Quantity (most important tip)

Do NOT ever leave any question un attempted. Attempt them all. Even if you do not know if its the correct answer, write. Even if it’s slightly related WRITE. You’ll get sympathy marks. Fill the paper. There are 35 sheets. Hope to get 1 mark each page. You just need 20 more marks. Just fill the damn paper.


Draw diagrams. They increase the quantity and make your paper look good. Draw them neatly.

4.Tech max

Yes, it has a ton of mistakes. But read if you have time. They follow the syllabus for the most part and it is helpful, rather than referring to the reference books.

5.Follow the syllabus

Print the syllabus and highlight those points in your book.

I remember in my Advanced VLSI book, there was a sub section on Phase Locked Loops and it wasn’t mentioned in the syllabus. So I didn’t study those 3 pages.

Hope you found this post helpful. Thanks for reading!



9 responses to “How to pass your engineering exam? (Mumbai University)

  1. Impressive summary to clear the Mumbai University, Engineering Exam! I had KTs up to third semester, but from third semester I earned each semester with full grades. Yeah, one more thing, I never got first class in BE, but I directly got a Distinction in the last year!

  2. Thanx actually i was confused at the start but you given me impetus n confidence to clear most fearful subjects in very 1st attempt.

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