Placements (Mumbai University) l Plus more on a fraud Company

Hey my fabulous peeps,

I am in my final year engineering, in my final semester studying Electronics Engineering in a college affiliated to the University of Mumbai. I recently got placed and I would like to share my experiences.

I am going to write about placements under Mumbai University.


You have just entered your third year. You should be focused in your third year. Try to boost your aggregate to at least 60%. Don’t get any ATKT’s. Since Mumbai University has a problem with declaring results on time, in your final year, your third year percentage will be taken into consideration.

You should be eligible for all the companies that come. Some have their criteria as 55%, 58%, 60%. Generally, aim for a 60%


You have entered your final year. Around November companies will start coming in. So when you enter your final year, you should be reading books on General Aptitude, solving puzzles.


The first company that came in was Infosys. We were given a pre-placement talk and I was in love with it. The huge campus, motive theater, gym, and SHOPPING MALLS! It was the best, it looked like heaven.

Grapevine had it that Infosys picked up at least 100 students from my college every year.  I was confident that I would get in.

We had to give a computerized aptitude test. 1 hour, no negative marking. I thought mine went well. But I didn’t clear it. Only 34 people from my college had cleared it. Infosys takes 100 students, and this time 34? Thoughts like am I not good enough? Am I not working as hard? Am I dumb? Infosys is the only mass recruiter, and I didn’t get in.

I was depressed. Fortunately, I have amazing friends that helped me understand that I am not dumb. A friend told me “You have successfully cleared and reached up to the final year of engineering, you are definitely not dumb.” But no one could help me. My self confidence was extremely low.

This semester, a Mumbai based company, with a higher pay package was coming to my college, like they did every year. They took 2 students last year. T-w-o. Two out out of 300 plus students. They had 4 rounds. I decided to give it my best. I can only do that. I had no expectations at all. I was just going to give it my 100%. So I revised my books, searched the internet on the type of questions I could expect.

I cleared their aptitude. It had negative marking too! My confidence grew. 86 students in my college had cleared the aptitude.

It was then time for Group Discussion. I was nervous. I didn’t want a topic relating to cricket. I wanted something related to education. or handbags. Just something I could talk about. My topic was “Is the customer always right?”

Not a great topic, but I told myself, this is the topic, I must make the best out of it. So I decided to agree with my topic, and jotted down real life experiences, newspaper stories etc. I said yes, The customer is always right. At the end, the moderator asked me further questions, I felt special. I got selected. 35 people out of 86 got selected.

It was now time for personal interview. My interviewer looked at my hobbies and asked me what I blogged about. How cool is that eh? So I told him all about this blog. He then asked me why I love Louis Vuitton Handbags so much (I did mention Louis Vuttion during my group discussion.) When someone asks me why I like LV, there is no end to my talking. He then went on to my final year project. He asked me to explain the working of a stepper motor. Stepper motor is what I love in my project and he asked me just that! I explained everything, with props (Pen for the rotatory shaft, my hands as the teeth.) He gave me 3 logical questions, and I got them right. I cleared it. 12 out of 35 cleared this round.

Final round. It was at their headquarters, Andheri. It was with the assistant director.

I was called at 1:30 pm and asked to reach at 2:30 pm. I quickly ate my lunch, put on light foundation, some lipstick, wore my formals and I was out the door with my father and my resume. I told the coordinator from the company that I was inside a rickshaw and I might be 15 minutes late. He said no problem. To my surprise, I reached at 2:15 pm. 15 minutes early! I didn’t know the venue was so close.

So I was greeted and I sat, reading my notes, and puzzle books.

My interview started at 3 pm. I was nervous. Very nervous. My hands went cold. I was grilled. My interview lasted for an hour.

I got my result on a Monday. I made it in. I was the most happiest kid ever. 4 out of 12 people got selected. 4 out of 300 plus students got selected and I was one of them. I had never imagined or even hoped that I would get in, but I did. My Training and placement office(TPO) conveyed to me that they called me a perfectionist and said I was punctual.

My confidence is great. I have a good self esteem and I am happy and back to being my self. I am out of my shell.

Books/links you can refer to: 

  1. Aggarwal, R.S. (2011). Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations. New Delhi: S.Chand & Company Ltd.
  2.  Neogy,Jayant. (2007). Winning Resume. New Delhi: Unicorn Books
  3. Narula, Ravi. (2013). Brain Teasers. New Delhi: Jaico Publishing House
  4.  Gardener,Martin. (1994). The best mathematical and logic puzzles. New York: Dover Publications, Inc.
  5. (2008). The New GD Path Finder. A guide to ACE Group DiscussionsMumbai: IMS publication.
  6. TIME’s logical section books (I’m not giving CAT, but my friend was kind enough to lend me her books, the blood relations chapter is the one I found very useful.)


I mentioned a fraud company in my title. Wondering what that is all about?

A company, let’s call it “XYZ” had visited my campus. It’s a Gujarat based company started in 2008. It was a group of 3 that had come. Unsophisticated, late comers without any class I’d say. They needed 200 people for a project. They were offering 20K INR per month and a quick joining date. To show their clients the exact number of people working for them, they required a 8K Demand draft (I don’t know the exact amount). Anyways, the job profile required us to work on site, any where around India.

I questioned, during the presentation, what kind of security would they provide girls? The lady didn’t have a concrete answer. She said “As per government rules we will provide. You also have to be strong to face and fight back if a man harasses you.” I asked what the ratio of girls to boys is. She said “We have 10 girls currently working. The girls have to be fat and strong.” (They should have mentioned a weight criteria then.)

She always gave vague answers like “I can’t disclose the pay package as my boss told me not to, but you will be given 20K INR per month.” “I can’t disclose this information without asking my boss.” “You will know all the details after joining.

I didn’t like the company at all. I dint like the people that had come, poor dressing sense, and communication skills. I hate people who are late, people who dis respect our time. IMO, the HR is supposed to attract students to their company. It has to make us want to work for them. This company did exactly the opposite.

It was then time to write the aptitude test. I didn’t want to clear it. I marked quiet a few wrong answers on purpose. But I cleared it.

Thanks to my sore throat and them being late, I was talking about make up with my friend. Once you get me started, there is no stopping. I lost my voice at the time of my Group Discussion(GD).

The GD didn’t even seem like a GD. 16 people were in 1 group. 8 people sat on one side and the other 8 on the opposite. She sat in between the middle 8. It was biased. I went to the end, so I wouldn’t be seen. There should have been 2 moderators so that everyone can be heard or seen. It was an un professional GD.

Obviously, I didn’t get selected.

40 people approximately got selected and paid 8K. Today, XYZ is not responding. There is so much anger and disgust. We are young and innocent and have hopes. I don’t know what else to say. But,

  1. Make sure you know a few seniors in your college who are already working in the company that you are applying to.
  2. Make sure you get good concrete answers when asking questions.
  3. Never hesitate to ask them your questions.
  4. If it’s a new company paying more than 10K INR, do a background check and make sure they are real.
  5. If the company’s visiting your college for the first time, get information on it.

Be careful. I hope you found this post useful. If you would like to know more, comment below.



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  1. Hey fabulous post…!!! It has everything that needs to be taken care in the final year…

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