General Tips on How to travel in Mumbai

Hey my fabulous peeps!

First time travelling in Mumbai? You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips to guide you!

  1. Footwear: Always wear comfortable shoes. I think running shoes are the best. Forget fashion. If it’s your first time boarding a train or a bus, you can trip and fall when others push you.
  2. Always keep your hands free. Put your cell phone in your left pocket if your right hand is dominant, and place your left hand on your left pocket but keep your dominant hand free. And vice-versa, if you are left handed. Please visit this blog post for a more detailed explanation.  Carry a shoulder tote bag/back pack. Put all your belongings in that, just so you have everything in a bag and your hands are free.     Try not to message or attend any calls whilst boarding or even when inside a bus/train. Sometimes the vehicle halts due to traffic, or anything actually, and you may fall forward. (I get tempted. And I did attend 3 calls while on a bus. I know, this kind of makes me a hypocrite. But I’ve stopped. Honestly.) Keeping your hands free allows you to grip the handles of vehicles much strong. So an accident is less likely to occur. Or you can save yourself better with your hands free.
  3. Never ever board a train/bus that is moving. A lot of people do this, accidents happen. If it’s the first time or your 583732875284th time don’t board a moving train/bus.
  4. Start early; give yourself half an hour or one hour of buffer time. There’s a lot of traffic. You might get stuck, you might miss your bus, you might not get a taxi/rickshaw, there might be a strike.No matter how much you rush, you might make a difference of, say, 15 minutes. But at the back of your mind, you are telling yourself that you are late. You will hurry, and you might trip and fall. Instead, start out early.Let’s say I need to reach my venue at 10am. Assuming my travel journey takes 1 hour, I’d leave my house my 7:45am. This is if my venue is a place I’ve never been to before. If I know the place, like my university, I would start at 8:50am.
  5. Don’t rush at the stair case. Whilst using the staircase, be calm. Don’t ever rush. You will get another train/bus, you may not get your natural teeth. Your hand might get fractured ect. Instead rush while walking on the platform, if you can.
  6. Don’t run. Well, you can’t. But might try to, you might try to rush. You may make a difference of maximum 3 seconds by rushing and pushing the person in front of you, but there will be a ton of people to push, and you won’t make a huge difference. 3 seconds, maximum, is the difference you will make (As per my experience). So just go along with the flow.
  7. Cross according to your plan. Let’s say you get down, and you plan to cross on the second break(Refer to the diagram below). But you see a clear road and decide to cross on the first break. Well, you may have not noticed a small vehicle beside the bus, and an accident may occur. It’s always best to stick to your plan.            2014-02-27 10.21.14-1Excuse me for my bad drawing. The two black parallel lines form the road. The blue middle line is the road divider that has 2 breaks labelled 1 and 2. The red rectangle is a BEST bus. The black rectangles are vehicles. The dotted green line represents the path the vehicles want to take. The bold green line represents the path I want to take.  As you can see, there are 2 vehicles that want to turn at path 1, but you may not see them. If you change your plan, an accident might happen. Only when the road is clear, cross. Although it won’t be fully clear. You may have to cross one half of the road, wait in the middle and then cross the other half when it’s clear. Never cross the road if a truck is passing by.
  8. Eye contact: Try to keep eye contact with the person in front. Just so you know where they are going, if they are crossing, or if they want to go straight.
  9. Walk in the opposite direction of the travelling vehicles. You must see all the vehicles that cross or pass by you.
  10. Be alert and quick. At all times. Make sure you hear all the honking and stay away from vehicles. Make sure you don’t walk slowly.
  11. On a western/central railway platform try to walk in the middle. If a train arrives or departs, there will be people gushing from the sides and you will get pushed.
  12. Carry a handkerchief. Due to close proximity and contact with unknown people, you may catch their cold or you might smell their stinky hair and etc. Some people don’t cover their noes or mouth whilst sneezing, since you can’t do anything about them, might as well cover yours right?
  13. Don’t travel in the peak hours. This is if it’s your first time travelling in a bus/train. Travel at 12 noon, on a Saturday. If it’s a Sunday, make sure you are aware of the mega blocks.
  14. Be calm. Always stick your plan. Always leave early, even if you are late, don’t hurry. People will understand.
  15. Download applications like m-Indicator, Google maps, and navigator.  Maybe buy a small travel booklet available at all railway book stalls. This will help you with the timings of the trains. They are reliable. Make sure you are aware of the mega blocks. Navigator is very helpful when it comes to busses. The list of buses and bus stops is very clear and reliable.

2014-02-27 10.14.49

These tips might make travelling in Mumbai sound very dangerous. It’s not. But accidents do happen, and if you can avoid them, why not?  I am very careful while travelling.

That’s all I have for now! Hope you enjoyed reading. Happy travelling!


2 responses to “General Tips on How to travel in Mumbai

  1. Thanks Dude, for sharing useful information about Mumbai. This city features has number of tourist attractions to delight the travelers. Your safety tips ensure comfortable and hassle free journey to the travelers.

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