When to go shopping at a mall?

Hey fabulous peeps,

I am kinda late for this post.

I am no Ambani’s daughter, or an extremely rich girl who splurges on clothes.

I don’t get pocket money either.

I am going to tell you how you can buy 5 branded tops in 1000 Rs. In branded stores or malls.

50% SALES!

  1. January-Febuary: Stock clearance sale
  2. June-July: Monsoon sale.

In the western region, Growles 101 goes on 50% sale on the first Wednesday usually in January. The second Wednesday, Oberoi Mall goes on 50% sale, Infinity and Inorbit go on sale after Oberoi on a Saturday, I believe.

In the central region, R-Mall goes on 50% sale at the same time, I believe as Infinity and Inorbit.

I haven’t kept an eye on the june-july sales.

These are not concrete. I don’t have a very good memory. But I did write what I roughly remembered. Check the newspapers during this time.

Reach the mall at the given time. So if Oberoi says the stores open at 8am, be there at 8am, if you want a good variety of clothes to choose from.

Always buy Esbeda bags on sale. Aha. This is the only time when Esbda goes flat 50% and you’ll be lucky if you get a bag that you like during this time.

So I go to lifestyle, and buy 3 tee’s at 450rs. I have 650 left. I once found this amazing Ginger top at 600, which means I got it at 300. I was the happiest. And I had 300 left for this plain UCB tee. I have 50rs left!

There 5 branded, good quality tops at 1000!

There are stores like Vero Moda that do house expensive clothes in the range of 1000-3000rs. But if it’s a good top, and if you’re getting 50% discount, why not buy it?

Foresight optical goes on 50% discount too. The first time it went on sale, it put ALL brands at 50% discount. I loved these Prada glasses priced at 14K. We decided to plan for the next sale. Unfortunately, they don’t put all brands on 50% discount now. I missed that chance. Now they put the international brands at 15% discount.

The downside

Our mind thinks everything is on 50% sale. We pick up everything, and think that its at 50%. But when the cashier scans it, you may get only 30% discount. But we don’t notice, we don’t look. We just assume everything is at 50%, but it’s not. So when the cashier is scanning your item, make sure you’re getting 50% discount, if you wanted to buy it only if it was at 50%.

United Colors of Benetton, Adidas and Esbeda are good places to shop first. They never go on sale, but on the 50% day, all the new clothes are kept at 50% and you get to choose from a wide variety.

Get a friend along. If you’re a girl, bring a guy who doesn’t like shopping. Make him stand in the huge line for you.

This is the perfect timing for me. My semester ends in January, and June, and the malls go on sale then! I basically do ALL my shopping during this time.

Hope you found this informative. Don’t think brands are expensive or malls are only for a certain type of people. The shirts and tops, cost just as much (or maybe a bit more) than the ones you’d find on the streets.  You don’t need to haggle, it’s air conditioned and there’s a food court with hopefully hygienic food!




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