Puss filled Volcanoes: ACNE

I have been struggling with acne. I’ve always had acne, starting from grade 9, and I still have acne. I used to wash my face only once a day, Mumbai is polluted and I think puberty and its hormonal changes contributed to my “mount Everest’s”, yes, That’s what I called them in Grade 11 with my friend. We’d name them, mount Everest 1, 2, 3 and so on (yes, I’m weird).

Except you cant see it because:

  1. I only take pictures when I have my makeup on
  2. If the camera is 5MP or 8MP max.
  3. The way I angle my face, you cant see it.

Its depressing to wake up and look at your face filled with little volcanoes trying to explode. And then if I’m stressed, I pick on them, and red and white lava (blood along with puss)  explodes and it leaves deep scars.

I really hate it. And I guess its okay. Its nature. Iv’e accepted it.

This is what my face looks like after 12 hours of applying makeup. Yes, its cakey, and oily and it has slipped and is all over the place. But, yep, you can see those volcanoes.2013-06-08 15.42.23

I never really cared till my junior year, I used to apply benzoyl peroxide and that’s all. Even though everyone told me not to pick them, I did. I started going to the cosmetics stores, and realised how bad my face was, and how clean and smooth other girls had. I say I have little pot holes in my face. Its not nice.

Any who, I went to the dermatologist, he gave me Antioxidants and Vitamin A capsules. They worked. My face was all clear. But later, they stated coming up again. My doc gave me the same tablets again.

My pimples didn’t go away, like they did the past years. Then he prescribed isotretinoin. Commonly known as Accutane.

I read all its side effects and I got really scared.

Should I really clear my face and then battle the other bad side effects that could occur?

Side effects like hearing loss, joint pain, suicidal thoughts, gum haemorrhage (rarely but hey, its mentioned). I started reading a lot more about my acne and  what I can do to prevent it. But, I was impatient, I said “Chuck it, I want a pretty clear face. Im going to take those tablets.” But that night, I came across Cassandra Bankson’s channel on you tube.

She has explained acne problems, why they are caused, the different types of acne, how we can prevent it, how can we stop picking them etc. She has explained it all. She’s incredible. I was actually going into depression, and then I saw that there are so many others like me.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that, if your battling acne, you ‘re not alone 😀

I use the Neutrogena oil free acne wash twice, sometimes thrice a day, and then I use the Pears oil control soap.

2013-06-17 22.46.56

I really like the Neutrogena face wash. It takes off all the oil and leaves my skin feeling clean. I dosent dry out my skin, my skin is very very oily.

Hope you found this informative,



One response to “Puss filled Volcanoes: ACNE

  1. Well docs only recommend isotretinoin (retinoids) when nothing else works, not even antibiotics. Unfortunately, I am on the same medicine and trust me I’ve tried everything you can think of. I tried 10% benzoyl peroxide, clean diet, workout every day, cleaning face three times a day, packs etc etc but they never went away. My dermatologist was pretty clear to me that there is no cure other than this medicine and I am almost done with my course. I was skeptical too initially with all the side effects but like you, I wanted to get rid of them with any consequences. Anyway, great post, I hope it helps other people too who are on the same train. Keep posting.

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