My Experience with waxing/threading!

WARNING: I have some pretty bad pictures of my acne that will gross you out. Exit if you don’t like ance pictures.


I first got my legs waxed in Std 10, I believe.

I was scared initially, due to the sound. But the lady was kind enough, she only did one strip to see if it hurt. It didn’t. So I got my legs waxed. I felt like obsessively scratching them after. I did scratch them after a point. I put ice. My legs were nice and soft and the redness was gone.

Since I feel like scratching them, sometimes, if there’s an offer or discount, I get a pedicure. They use this scrub. That feels like heaven! If I don’t get a pedicure, I use the Himalaya walnut scrub, and I scrub my legs, put soap and wash them off with warm water and then moisturize them.


I thought this wouldn’t hurt, but no, I was wrong. So the lady wipes off your sweaty arm pits. Applies talc that probably has another  500 women’s arm pit germs, and applies wax. She then rips the freaking strip off and OMG it bloody hurts like crazy. It’s just crazy. The good part is that you have nice clean arm pits for 2 weeks.

Do not try this. But because I was disgusted by the un hygienic products used, I bought the veet strips. So I read the instructions nice and carfully. I wipe off all the sweat, get my pits nice and ready, I put the wax strip on. 3,2,1 pull…ARRRGH! It hurt, I let go of the wax strip. I removed it, nice and slowly. And all the wax was stuck on the hairs of my arm pits. How do I get the wax off?

I couldn’t remove wax off each hair right? So I pulled the hair. Yep, with my fingers, I grabbed the bunch that were stuck together and bam! In my hands.  It hurt like crazy. Did I stop there? Nope, I wanted to try again. So I tried it on my other arm pit. Same story.

I recommend you go to those unhygienic parlours, and not use veet strips for your underarms. Trust me.


The first time I just told the lady to not do much, and remove excess hair. It didn’t hurt at all.

Second time, it did. Kinda, not much though. It is bearable. Nothing compared to under arm waxing. Make sure you tell whoever how thin/thick, curved /arched eyebrows you want.


I wanted to show off my new bracelets, and no one likes to see hairy arms right? So I decided to get it waxed.

By far my worst experience. 2 hair dressers start working on my arms. Apply wax, rip it off, with that scary sound. Never let 2 people wax, it’s constant ripping and swearing and gah. But its quicker, but don’t, just say no. So after my arms and back were done, I guess my sensitive skin reacted. My skin was so itchy. I look at my arms and it was bumpy, I don’t know what you can call them, similar to blisters, though they weren’t filled with water.

I apply ice, and I stop the itching. I thought they would go in a day. But no. they took 3 days to completely go.

This is what my arms looked like right after I got them waxed:

2013-06-05 12.13.51

2013-06-17 09.31.41

Here’s the only picture I took of my normal arm.

2013-06-11 16.47.36

A week later, my shoulder was way too bumpy. I look in the mirror, and bam. Puss filled pores. Acne on my arms and back. What can be worse? The fine hairs on my shoulder were still there.

2013-06-17 09.28.57

I was about to cry. This is definably not what I wanted. I want nice smooth hair less skin, so I could take nice photos with my cool new bracelet (that got stolen btw. God, just didn’t want me showing off my arm). I got bumpy ugly puss filled skin. Sew nat pretty. I already have acne on my face, my arms and back too?

I think my pores where clogged due to my t-shirt? I applied my acne cream. I am on a topical treatment.

I have spots now. I look like a Dalmatian pup if I wear a tank top.

A more recent picture

2013-07-08 14.44.26

So if you have sensitive skin, or acne prone skin, never get your arms and back waxed. Even if you do, keep the areas that you got waxed open i.e. Wear a tank top for a week.

Yeah, so this is all that I’m ever going to get waxed. Aha. Never am I going to go for a bikini wax. I think I’ve experienced enough, I now clearly know what my skin type is.

Hope you liked reading! Tell me what your experience was like!

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3 responses to “My Experience with waxing/threading!

  1. I have the same problem exactly. I used to have very clear skin and one day I waxed and this happened. I have tried everything and nothing works. Please let me know if anything worked with you

  2. I faced the same problem.
    And I used many creams n lotions to get rid of it. In spite of all these lotions im left with black spots :'(..

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