Fabulous Life Update 1

Hello my fabulous peeps,

I know I haven’t been blogging in a while. I’ve been kind of busy. It is my final year at my university, so I have a lot of stuff going on. But have no fear! Miss Fabulous is here, and I am going to update my blog!

I have gained weight over the years. I now have a paunch that can be seen no matter how hard I try to suck it in. ugh, girl problems. But I now, look like a total Mumba-ite- Tanned, has a paunch and is “fashionable”. No offense.

I have been jogging at a park every morning for 45mins. Not every morning, maybe I skipped a couple days due to some issures. Anywho, I walk a lot, jog and run very little. I love the morning. I love the weather, it’s breezy. It gets me in a pensive mood, makes me think about life and the people who matter to me. I love it when the cool breeze hits my face. I try to surpass a person ahead of me. The joy I feel when I complete my target. The feeling is great.  It gets me motivated throughout the day. My day feels longer, better.

2014-02-03 07.30.34

I’ve been studying too. Although I did lose my focus, due to university placements. I got placed! Out of 250 students approximately, they choose 4 students. It increased my confidence, and my self esteem.

It started with an aptitude test, group discussion, personal interview next and the final round was at their headquarters with the associate director. It was nerve racking. But I’m glad I made it in. My interview lasted for an hour!

The office is amazing! It is posh, when I saw it, I felt like working for that company. It was clean, it had quality furniture, it is close to my house, and I absolutely loved the office. The joining date is on 15th of July of they can pre pone it. I can’t wait to start the next phase of my life.

I am going to start my own style blog. 😀 If you are interested, do follow that, I will let you know the link with another blog post.

E-week, a festival celebrated in my university, is my FAVORITVE! It’s my last year; I’m sure going to miss this festival. It’s the only one that I attend in my university. I am going to participate again this year, and I have 3 events!

My group mates and I haven’t started our final year project yet! Yikes! Must get working on that.

2014 started out fabulous, I hope it continues to stay fabulous.

That’s all for now!

Thank you for reading!

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