Credit Card Fraud

Hello my fabulous peeps,

A credit card fraud happened, a year ago. I know I’m late. But better late than never right?

It was around Jan 2013. The same time my borther’s phone got stolen. yep, 2013 was bad.

My mom thinks it happened at a supermarket. The cashier said the swipe machine was not working, so he took my mom’s credit card to another location and swiped it. We have a feeling he did something else with it, cloned it maybe.

Next month, in our bill, INR 50,000 was spent in Shanghai, China. We’ve never been there: Proof no 1.

My parents complained to the bank manager. They got the receipt from Shanghai, and the signature did not match my mom’s: Proof no. 2

My parents were asked to file a police complaint. They did.

After a year of emailing the bank manager, we finally in December 2013, got our money back, without interest though.

Some thing to remember:

Always watch the cashier while swiping your card.

If the cashier is taking your card to another location, tell them not to. Or tell them to take you to that location too.




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