Adulterated honey!

Hello my fabulous peeps,

So we recently got this honey comb out of our house.

The people who were going to remove the comb, brought along with them some honey coloured mixture in this HUGE can. It was not real honey. They told us that 5kgs is the amount of honey we would get out of our honey comb.

My mom, did not allow them to bring in their can. She gave them a big bowl. They said, that bowl wasn’t big enough, so they needed to bring in their can. My mom brought more bowl’s, but she did not let them bring their can inside our house.

That jar on the left is amout the of pure honey they extracted. The jar on the right is Dabur pure honey– 500gms.

2013-05-22 11.12.55

My mom left the building, she had to run errands.

I’m not sure if you can even call it an adulterated mixture.  I bet there’s no honey in it. But they sold it to everyone. They put the bees in their mixture and said it was real honey.

The next day, the building watch man tells my mom that she should have sold the honey. My mom asked him if the honey was real? And the watchman said, yes.

I’m just trying to create awareness. The building watchman, and the honey extractors lie about pure honey. It is not pure. I don’t think it’s honey! So the next time you buy “pure” honey for whatever reasons, make sure they extract it in front of you.

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