Mobile phone: stolen

Its been a month since my brother’s phone got stolen. Yes, it was expensive.

He was boarding a BEST bus to his college for the first time. My Mom accompanied him to the bus stop. As soon as the bus halted, “commutators” boarded the bus. My brother went in next. He couldn’t move inside further. As it was his first time, he was waiting for everyone in front of him to move forward. People boarded the bus from the back, a person slid his hand inside my brothers pocket. My brother didn’t even notice.

He reached college and then wanted to check his phone. He realised it wasn’t there, he panicked.

He says activating his anti theft app was one touch away. He regrets it, obviously. He said he didn’t activate it because he was lazy. Lame? I know.

Anyways, my brother called me, I rushed home. My Mom, my brother and I went to the police station near his college. They told us to go to the police station near our home, plus we didn’t have our electricity bill, mobile bill or the IMEI code. After getting the required documents, we went to the police station near our home. The police there told us to go to the police station near my brother’s college. LOL.

But after some argument, they let us lodge a complaint. We had to write an application about how the mobile was lost and the price. My Mom did that. The police told us to get a stamp from our mobile service provider (Airtel). We lost hope, we thought the police didn’t want to do anything. The least we could do was complain. We went outside and we met another police officer. He helped us in lodging a complaint, quickly.

well, we complained. Nothing happened. We didn’t get the phone back.

Anyways, the reason for this blog post is to warn everyone. Parents do gift us expensive phones and valuables. And thieves target people like us. So be carefull.

There are always thieves waiting to steal your valuables. In public places, busses, trains, rickshaws.

In my opinion: WHAT YOU CAN DO

when you purchase a new cell phone:

  • Always lock your phone. (My brother didn’t do that either.)
  • Register your phone. Ask for safety options in your phone, activate that. (I also have downloaded an app called Snuko, I did hear about it in the news. If I change my SIM, It sends a message to my chosen contacts, from the changed SIM card.)
  • When travelling, put your phone inside your bag, and make sure your bag is in front of you.
  • When you do put you phone in your bag, don’t place it in pocket where it is likely to be found. (My mom told me this). I hide my cell phone in between my text books. No one looks there.
  •  Thieves may use a blade a cut your bag. They might try to cut at the front pocket(where you might keep your phone inside).Chances of cutting a big middle pocket where your books might be placed will be less, as they would get noticed, and they wouldn’t want books. Try to place your bag in font of you, so that you can keep an eye on it.

A friend, put her wallet in the front pocket in her bag for easy access. While boarding the bus, someone opened the zip and her wallet was stolen.

Another friend, put his phone in side a special phone compartment, safe and sound. He was giving an exam and his bag was outside. Someone opened the zip and kept opening the inside, deep ones. So they opened up 3 zippers into the safe pocket. Stole his cell phone, left the zippers unzipped. He looked for his new cell phone and it was gone. He complained, nothing really happen. It was the last exam day what a bummer.

Now, I have made it a habbit to hide my cell phone between my books. No one would look there!

  • If you have battery, listen to music, or the radio.
  • when travelling, always use your non-dominant hand to carry your phone. When your bus, or train halts, you can put your cell phone in your pocket, and place your non-dominant hand on the pocket. Use your dominant hand to hold on to the railing/handle of the bus/train.
  • Always have a bag to carry your belongings. Don’t have ANYTHING in your hands. Keep them free while boarding. (My mom told me this)

Basically just be carefull. There are people that want your cell phone. There will always be gangs at public places who specialize in this business. There are websites where you can register your phone, but there are so many people who have lost their phones across the world. It is of little help or no help. No one is going to help you, but you, yourself.

I hope this post helps.

If you have any of your own stories, or if you lost your phone and got it back, comment please (:

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13 responses to “Mobile phone: stolen

  1. One of my friends lost his cell phone last year but to his luck after complaining it to the police he got it back never the less late but after around 8 months. The cell phone’s earpiece was not in order or in easier terms replaced by the thefts, however it was of his quiet knowledgeableness that he got the whole matter in writing from the police and got the problem resolved by the cellular company only.
    Also, regarding the theft case what i suggest is to wear exact fitting pants/jeans and whatsoever, though it gets akward but at times the exact fittings make it easier for one to get on with whatsoever is in the pocket and if anyone tries to fidget with it, an alarm can be raised and the offenders can be brought to notice and thus punished.
    Anyways for your brother’s case it definitely is that police will catch the culprit or at least get back the cell phone

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  3. hi i never really thought about these incidents much until today when my bag was cut through from the back and my purse was stolen …. thankfully i had little money but unfortunately my just renewed 3 month bus pass got stolen too . i never keep my pass in my purse but since my ma kept pestering me to keep it in the supposedly safer place ,for once i listened to her . that didn’t turn out as good as i thought . they say that it would be really tedious to get a new pass . i feel like never getting on a bus ever again since i was robbed while getting on the bus before (in FYJC ) . guess you can never be too careful . maybe these thieves are really trained that is what my ma says . i am better off riding my cycle than travelling on these stupid over crowded buses anyways.

    • Hey!
      Sorry to hear that! But good thing, you didnt have alot of cash.

      Its so upsetting to hear about so many cases, but nothing is done.

      I guess we just have to be really carefull. Your Mom is definately right. Theives are trained, and we are not. We are not alert, not carefull enough.

      Hope you have a great day!

  4. Hey Priti,
    I have lost my cell phone on 01/05/2014. Please guide me if it can be reverted to me.


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