Starbucks, Oberoi Mall(Goregaon east)

2013-01-04 16.10.28

At Starbucks, Oberoi Mall (Goregaon east, Mumbai)

I’m going to do a comparison of Starbucks at Colaba and the one at Oberoi mall.

The place is alright. It’s not as big as compared to the one at Colaba. During weekends, you’d be lucky to get a seat in the evening. The service is alright. The place is basically congested, and you can’t really move around when it’s really crowded. The tables are placed so close to each other, you can’t really move after you sit down and you’re very close to the person sitting next to you.

2013-01-04 16.30.57

Mocha Praline.

This time I tried “Mocha Praline”. It was good. Definitely not better than Java Chip, though. It was your normal coffee, in my opinion. I also tried ‘Mocha Latte’. I think it tasted just like ‘Mocha Praline.’

My suggestion: You must try Java Chip frap, its my favorite.

Anyways, after you visit Starbucks, Colaba, you won’t really like the Starbucks at Oberoi Mall.


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  1. ur blog is really catchy…when u read the first line…u want to read the whole blog.Good writing skill..waiting for another blog

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