Street Food In Mumbai!

Mumbai is famous for its cheap ‘Vada Pav’ you get at the streets.  I’m going to share my experiences.

I’ve always hesitated while trying out street food. Why?

Because it’s unhygienic. Because of the amount of trans fat you will consume. Because they pick their nose or they scratch some body part and then make your food. Because they don’t use gloves. Because you’ll find hair in your plate. Because you cannot trust the water they use. Because they wipe off their sweat and use the same hands to serve you. Because after eating you may fall ill. Because the streets, are filled with insects and bugs, and tobacco spit. Because the streets are wet and are never cleaned. Because of the disgusting case of ‘pani puri’ that had occurred.

But, you must try it at least once. Even though you might not want to after reading the above paragraph.

I was returning from a book store at Dadar with my father. It was very hot. We halted at Jumbo King. I did eat one of those Vada pav’s. And I can safely say, it tasted good. No, I didn’t fall ill the next day either.

2012-12-29 16.03.53

The Jumbo King at Dadar.

There is a famous guy who makes the best “pani puri” around my area. It tasted good. But I’d still prefer the “pani puri” that my mom makes at home. Clean and hygienic.

Last year, I ate “ragda puri” from a stall outside my University. I hated the plate and spoon in which the ragda puri was served. It was dirty, and I didn’t use the spoon. Luckily, nothing happened to me the next day. I was all good and healthy.

This year, I went to Mount Mary Church with my friends. While returning, we went to a sugarcane stall. We drank juice, from those filthy glasses that hundreds of people drink from. I wonder if they even wash them. I wonder if flies get crushed while making the juice. Anyways, it was a bad experience because I fell ill the next day. It got cured after one whole week, and after the use of anti-biotics.

So you do have some good experiences, and then the bad. But what can you expect when you pay only 14 rupees for pani puri, or 8 rupees for a vada pav or 7 rupees for sugarcane juice?

2012-12-24 12.32.37

You get fresh carrot juice!

2012-12-24 12.33.01

2012-12-24 12.33.20

Fresh fruit anyone?

2012-12-24 12.33.28

Refreshing lemonade.

2012-12-24 12.33.48

And the vada pav (;




Thank you for reading!

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