What I ate when I was at Bandra

Elco, Bandra.


It’s the perfect place for lunch. My friend and I ordered ‘Hakka noodles’ and ‘tava pulav’. Oh boy! The food was so amazing.

It wasn’t pricey either. I think it was around 135 rupees for each. The quantity was enough to get your stomach filled.

It was crowded, lots of noise. The interior was bright, it was white. The menu was a bright orange. The service was really good. I basically, enjoyed the whole meal while catching up with my friend.

It’s the kind of place where you’d get all your friends along for lunch.


Later we went to San Churros.


A place where everything is chocolate.

It was pricey. One pastry cost us around 180 rupees. But it was delicious.

It was quiet inside. The lights were dim with soft music playing in the background. I really liked it.


This was so delicious. I believe this was Chocolate cheesecake.




I hope you liked reading and viewing!

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