Starbucks, Colaba.

Starbucks is in Mumbai, finally. (I know it’s been some time, but I had my exams)!


In front of Starbucks, Colaba, Mumbai

I went to Starbucks, Colaba on 19 December. It was the first day of my vacation. I was so excited.

The place is perfect. The smell of coffee, the atmosphere, the lighting, the furniture, the temperature, it’s quiet but not too quiet, it’s not too noisy either (like CCD or Starbucks, Oberoi mall, I think). I think it’s an ideal place if you need to talk, catch up with someone and just bond.


My friend, inside starbucks.

I had “Java chip Frappuccino “, my friend choose it for me.  It was so amazing. Whipped cream on top, with chocolate syrup, chocolate chips inside the coffee, it was pure bliss.


The best frap you will ever have, trust me.

Starbucks, Colaba is definitely a place to visit! Every sip of your drink is worth what you pay, at least mine was. And it starts from 125 rupees.


This picture has been edited using Photo Grid, and Instagram.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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Thankyou (:

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