I got my Straight hair straightened!

I wanted to get my straight hair straightened, because I wanted them to be extra straight. I know it sounds dumb. But they were kinda wavy. And now they are very straight. And I like it that way.

I got them done on 18 February. So it’s been around 10 months.

I cried when I got my hair straightened. I had no volume, it was way too shiny, and it looked as if I was wearing a wig, it looked very fake. I was almost about to cry at the salon. Also, to make matters worse, when I was coming back home, I met my friend. And she says “Priti, what’s wrong with your hair?”  I cried for one whole week and didn’t go outside for three weeks. Yes, it was that bad.

But now I like them, because they look natural and they aren’t shiny.

I did take a picture of me then, but I was too ugly, and I deleted it.

Anywho, today I bought a straightner, to curl my hair. Yes, I like experimenting and trying out different stuff. (:



Philips, SalonStraight, Ceramic, Active Ion HP8310 is the straightner I bought. It works very well. Heats up in 60 seconds.  Runs through your hair smoothly. It comes with a two year warranty.



My straight hair.

I curled my hair today with it. It was really fun, quick, and easy. You have to use it on dry hair. I did put in a little mousse though, to give my hair some volume. And I had to put in heat resistant serum. And then I used hair spray to hold. I really liked the oriflame hairspray(Only 300 rupees), it worked really well. Especially, since I have straight hair. My curls were perfect even after I woke up the next day. And then in the afternoon, they got all wavy.


The products I used for curling my hair.


A close up of the products I used for curling my hair.


My curls, edited using Instagram.


My shiny curls. 🙂Image

2012-12-27 18.05.56

Puff at the top and curls at the bottom.

That’s all for today!

Hope you liked reading.

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Thanks (:


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