Mumbai’s Heart beat

Mumbai’s Heart beat- the local trains. The fastest and cheapest way of transport in Mumbai, the city of dreams or most commonly known as India’s economic capital.

I really do love travelling in the western local trains- in the afternoon, and after 8pm. I can sit beside the window, and let my thoughts wander away, I can dream about anything, I can look outside and feel the breeze, the noise the tracks make, inside, the sparkly jewelry people sell attracts you instantly,  just  everything. Well, not everything, except, cockroaches.

In the morning and at 6pm, is probably the worst time to travel. People, push and rush into the coach, you are squished, the stink of sweat, deodorant, fish, breakfast, fart all combined together is what you breathe. People fight for trivial issues, and sometimes(rarely), they get pushed off the train. You, see, I hate travelling in the mornings or in the evenings.

Also, you can never explain the joy and the charm of travelling to South Mumbai. It’s really beautiful. The queen’s necklace, Wankhede stadium, Marine drive, Gateway of India, there are so many things to see.

Sometimes, there’s a ticket checker(TC), and well, if you dont have one, a fine of INR250(I’ve heard) is levied. Well, this post, is going to be about my fortunate events of how lucky I was a TC didnt catch me.

2 years ago, I had to give my CET exam. My friend and I were coming back from our exam center, and heading towards a railway station. Yes, we did have a ticket, and we got on to the right platform. The train arrived, and we got into the ladies compartment. No rush, comfy seats, and our coach was colored differently. Then we realized, we boarded a first class compartment, but had a second class ticket! We thought of getting down and boarding the next compartment at the next station. But, we decided against it as its dangerous, and risky.  Its was futile worrying about what to do next, so we just enjoyed the ride, and prayed that no one would catch us. As we got off, there was no TC! We were over joyed!

This is not the exact ticket, but a sample of how a western railway ticket looks like.

A year ago, my best friend and I met after along time. We decided to go to Marine Drive(South Mumbai). We reached the railway station, and boarded a train. We were so busy chatting, we forgot to buy our tickets! We did panic, but we didn’t do it deliberately. We really forgot. Our fear grew as we were nearing Churchgate . We decided to put up our confident faces up and walk out. Lucky us, no TC!  When we were returning, my friend says “Lets not buy a ticket again and the trian’s right here, lets not miss. ” I thought, yeah, lets go. But then if we deliberately just decide not to buy a ticket, a TC will definitely be there. So we went, stood in the line and bought ourselves the train tickets. We did miss the other train, but it was worth it. As our station arrived, a TC was standing right out side our coach! What a relief! We were saved! I was so happy I trusted my instincts!

Due to the above incidents, and my  low  luck factor (I didn’t get caught w/o a ticket as I forgot to buy a ticket by MISTAKE. Had I purposely not purchased a ticket(like in the second incident), I would have had to pay a fine.) , hence I don’t forget to buy a ticket.

Until next time,


P.S Never say you don’t have a ticket aloud(incase you forget to buy, or do it deliberately), sometimes there are TC’s  IN the compartment.

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8 responses to “Mumbai’s Heart beat

  1. You dont know me, but I like reading your blogs. Please keep blogging. Please also keep blogging about life in Mumbai in particular.


  2. It looks like the murphy law never worked for you,….You were always at the better end….IF anything can go right,then it will..but only with you.

  3. Hi priti, Nice blog you have here. I have read tourist’s accounts on their experience and you sound more like a person who just visited Mumbai. Honestly the place where I from seems to be so common to me that I can never write a status update about it 🙂 let alone a blog post. Its great that you can write such compelling content.

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