Gone are my vacations.

So tomorrow is the last day of my vacation *tear drops*

I still havent completed mt to-to vacation list!

  • Read Twilight series.
  • Leopold 
  • Fashion street
  • Maha-lakshmi
  • Sizzlers
  • Read the THE QUARANTINE PAPERS by Kalpish Ratna 
  • Read Lord of the flies by William Golding
  • watch Paa
  • watch No one killed jessica (You can tell, I hate movies)
  • Read The secret letters of the monk who sold his ferrari by Robin Sharma
  • Make a souffle (I forgot to blog about this one!Influenced by MasterChef USA)
  • Bake a chocolate cake
  • Make a ginger bread house. (I really wanted to make one, because I saw how yummy it was on MasterChef Australia)
  • Find a place when I can get dark Molasses, and then make a ginder bread house.
  • Start my own blog.

Well, most of the things here are left/undone, and will probably continue on to my next, to-do vacation list. Just as some of the things I ticked have come from my previous to-do-vacation list(Leopold, and fashioon street).

Anwyays, I hope I find time to blog when colg starts.



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