Fancy making a Piñata?

A ready Pinata!

A ready Pinata!

I learnt how to make piñata’s from my teacher, I cant remember when, but it’s been a long time. It was fun. And since then, Ive always made them, trying out new shapes, and sizes! Plus, my little brother and me used to  make a pinata when his birthday came up. It was a fun activity for all his friends, and well, we got to eat a lot of candies.

I’m going to tell ya how to make a teddy bear Pinata! Its very easy!

You will need two full days to make one. You may also want an extra pair of hands.

Things you’ll need:

  • Newspapers
  • Scissors (Parental guidance is necessary)
  • Fevicol (one cup)  or Maida *Alternative way of making glue given below.
  • water (half a cup)
  • a bowl
  • a bucket
  • Thread
  • a medium size ballon
  • paint (Brown, red, black, white)
  • a hat
  • A pom pom ball
  • Candies!

To make the glue :

Mix, one cup fevicol (glue) and half a cup of water in a bowl.


Boil the water for thirty seconds, and mix maida, till you get a smooth sticky paste. Let it rest.

To make your  Pinata:

  1. Blow your balloon, and tie it at the end.
  2. Cut 30cm long, 2 cm wide strips from the newspaper. (Cut approx half the pages of your newspaper)
  3. Get ready to get your hands dirty! We are going to papier-mâché the balloon.
    Now, dip the newspaper strip in your glue, fully. Pull it, and while doing so, remove excess glue with your hands.
  4. Place it on the balloon gently. Be careful, that the balloon doesn’t burst. Cover the balloon with the strips, leaving the top portion. Its the hole, for your candies to go in!
  5. Use your bucket to hold the balloon.
  6. Continue, till your done two layers.
  7. You may run out of glue, depending the size of your balloon. In case you do, make some more!
  8. Your almost done! Leave it to dry, for a day. (The drying actually depends on the number of layers you’ve made.If you’ve put more layers, the balloon will take more time)
  9. After a day, it will feel light! Now is my favorite part! untie the balloon, and it will deflate.  And watch your pinata’s shape remain!
  10. Paint your pinata white. And let it dry.
  11. After it’s fully dried, Paint it brown, paint eyes, a mouth, and stick the pom pom ball.
  12. Make two ears out of cardboard and stick them on.
  13. The part that gets me drooling: Put in all sorts of candies from the top! Candies, to fill your pinata!
  14. Make two holes, at the top of your pinata. and pass a thread in each.
  15. Next, get another thread and tie it at the middle of the previous thread.
  16. To close the top, use your hat! Let the thread come out from the back opening of your hat, so it remains in place!

And Ta-da! Your done just tie your teddy bear pinata up, and its ready.

Use a hockey stick, blind fold a person and enjoy!

The picture below, is one that my brother and me made three years ago. We used a big balloon(big balloon == more candies!).

A ready Pinata!

A ready Pinata!

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