Yin yang

My day started out earlier than usual, I woke up to go to college. In spite of starting early, I was a quarter hour late to set out. The reason being, I had bought two  eyeliners costing me one hundred and fifty rupees and a seventy five rupees sweet pink nail polish and a three hundred rupee kurti the day before, I took more time dressing up.

Every morning, I had to go down the alley full of smokers on one side, breakfast sellers, DVD sellers, old lady selling combs on the other side and vegetable left overs that degraded and gave a nasty stink. Occasionally, a mad man comes your way, adding to the aesthetic value. All this just to get to the other side! Not to mention the crowd and different types of people that come and obstruct your way in the narrow alley.

Once I reach the other side, it’s a five minute walk to my bus stop. The sun shines bright, no bird chirps, morning breeze; you will never find tranquil, only the sound of rickshaw honks, trucks, cars and to add more to the noise pollution, angry dogs who never stop barking.

An old drunk man was walking in the opposite direction, toward me. Behind him was a rusted truck coming to a halt. Unfortunately, it didn’t succeed halting and the edge hit the old man’s shoulder. The old man didn’t trip, luckily. He yelled at the truck driver and then went his way.

I finally reached my stop. As I was waiting, I noticed a lady of around thirty making ‘mogra gazras’ along with her naked son who was busy playing with the string sitting on the bare dirty pavement. Does she make a living out of selling flower chains? I wondered if her son ate three meals a day. Soon a bus arrived, I hoping it would be 207, but tough luck, it was 206. A drop of sweat ran down my cheek, it was hot. 

A crying girl caught my attention. She was crying for lays chips. Her parents were trying to make her stop, but to no avail. Why couldn’t they just give her one? A shop was just a stones’ throw away from the bus stop. My parents always went out of their way to give me what I wanted, besides it was only five rupees, affordable right?

The old lady selling combs was passing by as I awaited the bus; I really wanted to escape the hot sun. Why did the old lady have to work in the dry, hot, weather? My dad never lets my grandmother do any work. Doesn’t she have any children who wont let her work?

Long fifteen minutes passed. I was dripped in sweat; I wish I had an umbrella and deodorant. I heard faint drum rolls which later became distinct on the noisy street. It was a tribal person whipping himself and small kids begging. I was frightened by the loud noise they created, I quickly pretended to be busy on my mobile. But the kid came toward me and started begging. I refused but the nomad started yelling and I surrendered by giving him five rupees. Does the kid go to a school? Is he going to earn by whipping himself like his parents? Is he going to b illiterate?

Why don’t the other kids get what they want like me? Why weren’t they born into a rich family? Why does the old lady have to work? Why is the mogra selling lady so poor and uneducated? Will she send her son to a school? Here I am applying a seventy five rupees nail polish and people work so hard just to earn enough to eat a day’s meal. But where did the old man get money to get drunk? Did he spend all his previous days earnings?

It was a mighty wait, questions were buzzing inside my head like a huge swarm of bees. The honks of various vehicles interrupted my thoughts. I saw an empty 207 bus heading my way. It was going to be a smooth ride, I got a window seat and only one question retained, what is life?

My earnest request for you(Reader) to frankly comment. I’d really appreciate it.

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10 responses to “Yin yang

  1. After reading all that…the question which shook u the most is…”what is life…?”

    Now… firstly…according to me…

    Life isnt a gift given by any omnipotent being (Life is a gift given to me by my parents…and i’m only grateful to them)…nor is it an ice cream to be enjoyed…or any other lame simile which ppl use to show their so called ‘philosophical’ side…
    it isnt something v r supposed to describe…because the list of simile’s are endless….More importantly, all simile’s v use are elements of life…things which are a part of life….So I wont disrespect life by comparing it to just one element…
    and I believe in living life…not questioning it…

    secondly…according to me…
    There are two extreme ways of living life….
    1. The VIKING…
    Simply by being ruthless…killing thousands…raiding ships…fending for themselves….completely individualistic approach to life…
    Like them u may find Russian Nihilists…or local gunda’s, etc… etc…
    2. The MONK…
    Sit under a tree…sacrifice all the entertainment in ur life…just because ur scared that u will be hurt if u cant fulfill ur desires……stop dreaming….cut urself from the outer world…keep concentrating on ur inner self and then ask urself “what is life….??”
    If u find urself anywhere in these two categories….then ur either living life unethically (as in the first case)…or ur not living life at all (while thinking so deep abt something which u should instead enjoy…)

    So Live life….and trust me, when u would die…there wont be any heaven or hell…
    So while ur spending time here with everyone, create ur own little heaven… make ur place a little more happy for ppl to live in…

    Anyways… pritispretty, Its really sweet of u to think like this in such a situation which we all have faced….keep writing…take care…:)

  2. Im glad you shared your perspective on life. And I like how how you said, “Create your own heaven here.”

    And thank you for liking my post 🙂


  3. Firstly, thoughtfully written. Great.

    Well life to me is what Shakespeare said “The world is a stage and we are merely actors”. If you think about this line, You would start to connect it with the history. Everyone has a role to play or responsibility to obey, which we either knowingly, if we know what we want to do in life, or unknowingly perform. If you take any random person from the history, it’s fascinates us how much he/she has affected our lives and how small they started.

    Ultimately its very simple either decide what you want to do, or let’s someone else or the situation decide it for you.

    Just like the Vikings or Kshatriyas had the responsibility to defend the village or capture if necessary or the monks or sages to sacrifice their lives for exploring and finding solutions to our problems, for example our Vedas which is said to have everything we should know about ourselves and the world around and many other examples, tell us more about life. So coming back to the title, The Vikings and the monks are just like Ying Yang, complementary yet necessary. You will be surprised that this simple theory of ying yang is applicable in everything and is mentioned in every religion in their own way.

    It’s very interesting. I might have been too philosophical.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Thank you so much!
      And I agree with your views. Especially,”Ultimately its very simple either decide what you want to do, or let’s someone else or the situation decide it for you.”
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I love philosophy.

  4. I am convinced there is an omnipotent God who created us, and who deeply loves each one of us, and grieves deeply when He sees His dearly loved creation in this pain. When reading the Bible, I have learned that God did not want to force us all to love Him, and because of that He gave us a choice whether or not we want to or not. He wanted genuine love, not forced love – He didn’t create robots, but people. His desire is to bless us. However, we ask, why all the turmoil in this life. Well, because we chose to go our own way (read the first story in the Bible about Adam and Eve). God told Adam and Eve that they could eat from every tree in the whole garden – EVERY single one, except one. But they rebelled, and because of that, God separated Himself from them to preserve good. God does not compromise with evil. He has closed off a part of His creation (that which I call heaven) where there is no sin, no evil, no pain, no suffering. He does not allow even one bit of evil to penetrate. I am so thankful. But because of sin (Adam and Eve eating fruit off the 1 tree they were not allowed to), death and pain and suffering came into this world as a punishment. God knew that we needed Him – because humans could not be with Him if we had sin (anything we do against God’s Word) in our hearts. The Bible makes it clear that we cannot do good to make up for the sin in our hearts. There is nothing we can do to get rid of it on our own. The Bible also says in Romans 6:23 that “the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our LORD.” So we all deserve death, however, in God’s great love for us, He gave up His only begotten Son [Jesus], that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. God made a way to completely get rid of our sin forever. We all owe a debt we can’t pay – but He paid it Himself through His Son so that we could be invited into this beautiful world of heaven – where no evil exists. I believe the suffering we experience here on earth is what leads us to Him – that in the speck of time we are here on earth, compared to an ETERNITY, it is nothing even though when we are in it, it seems like forever. In His love, He shows us our need for Him, so that we can be rescued from the evil in this world. He loves you so dearly, and gives grace to anyone who comes to Him, and confesses their sins – because He will forgive you and give you a new beginning. He breathes life – He did not send His Son Jesus into this world to condemn this world, but to save this world and take away sins. We can have joy in this world despite the suffering. We can have hope knowing our best days are always ahead of us. We can live guilt-free, and our hearts do not have to condemn us if we go humbly before Him and turn towards Him.

  5. Amazing article. I like how expressive you are. I’ve suggested this article to more friends. Keep it up.

  6. Yin and Yang. The two most intriguing words I’ve ever known.
    A little bad in every good and a little good in every bad and that’s what life is, isn’t it?

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